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Here’s the story: I have a BYOP Nexus 6P, my wife has a BYOP Moto X Pure Edition. We both got a GSM SIM card right when they were offered.

Long story short, GSM is terrible where I live, and because of that, along with the deep sleep Doze feature on Android 6.0 and 7.0, I was missing a lot of phone calls. Since my cell is my primary number for people to reach me for work, that just wouldn’t do. So I bailed for Google Fi which, in fairness, has been great. Just more expensive.

Since then, Republic Wireless has started testing BYOP CDMA activation. I just received one for my wife’s Moto X Pure Edition two days ago and it activated without a hitch! RW worked their magic and did the thing for which one CDMA provider still has you visit a store (

My question and purpose of this post is to ask anyone who has received a BYOP CDMA sim card to report on success/trouble with activation/service quality. I really want to come back to RW, but I’m hesitant to do so without some assurance . Thanks!

I think that your experience switching your wife’s phone from GSM to CDMA tells you the story. The switch of my Nexus 6P from GSM to CDMA also went without a hitch. Simple and painless. Great work by RW to make this happen so seamlessly.

It is feasible to switch out a GSM SIM for a CDMA SIM on a currently activated phone on RW.

There is no recourse for buying a BYOP CDMA SIM at this time. You will most likely need to

activate again with a GSM SIM and then initiate your switch-over to CDMA SIM with assistance

from Republic Support. Please submit a help ticket to explore your options.

Hi @gregs.rsm2i6,

Just to prevent a potential surge in support tickets that cannot be solved, I’d like to clarify that we do not yet support new activation for BYOP phones with anything other than our currently-offered BYOP SIM card, which is a GSM SIM.

Thank you for sharing the experience you had with your wife’s phone. There are a few such success stories here in Community, and it would be nice to see others.

I understand. Thanks for the clarification!

Here are some question that you may or may not be able to answer regarding this promo: 6 mo. free

  1. Would I qualify in the spirit of the promo as a ‘new’ customer?

  2. If so, would I be eligible, after receiving the GSM card, to apply for a CDMA card?

If the answer to these is no, I do still plan on coming back. But this would get me there quicker

If the answer IS no to whether I am eligible for this promo or not, then when it’s time, how should I go about switching back to RW so that I can get on CDMA since ***new activations ***aren’t supported for CDMA? (I’m guessing you can’t say anything about when/if new activations will be supported, but I sure hope they will be!)


P.S. Congratulations on your promotion!

  1. Would I qualify in the spirit of the promo as a ‘new’ customer?

The promotion is offered to new and existing members activating a new line of service - so you don’t have to be new-to-RW, just adding a new line. I think that’s what you’d be doing. You currently have one line (your wife’s) with us. When this is over, you’d have two lines with us. That’s an additional line, we would be glad to welcome you back with this promo.

  1. If so, would I be eligible, after receiving the GSM card, to apply for a CDMA card?

If any member activates and finds that coverage stinks, we would hope to have the opportunity to work with that member to improve their coverage. If switching to CDMA is the solution your coverage woes, eligibility for this promotion would not be removed.

P.S. Congratulations on your promotion!

Thank you.

Great! Thank you!

I have a Moto X Pure that I purchased at Best Buy and ordered a Sim Card from Republic and it has worked fine in my home area, however, I am now traveling some periodically to another part of the state where the coverage is not good. Is it possible to switch back to CDMA from the GSM sim card? If so, how do I go about doing that. The CDMA coverage is good in my home area and better in the area that I travel to.

Hi, Open a support ticket and explain what is happening.


Thank you Seanr.

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