BYOP - MOTO e compatibility

Is the Moto e Model: PAJH0002US (UPC:840023202667) compatible for Republic’s BYOP ?

It doesn’t appear in the drop down menu for compatible phones but IS listed in the Hearing Aid compatibility list.

They’re on sale nearby so any expeditious reply would be helpful (before they’re gone).

Thanks much and still loving my Republic service and the bill !

Scott H.

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Yes, that model is compatible:

We support the North American factory unlocked version of this phone. Look for this model number in the product details: XT2052-1.
Some sellers may list this phone by the Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN) which may appear as PAJH0002US, PAJH0003US, PAJH0004US, or PAJH0005US.
If you’re unsure whether the phone you’re buying meets these requirements, we suggest contacting the seller directly to verify the information.


Excellent…THANK YOU immensely ! I know the numbers get vague depending on the seller but you would thin Best Buy would list the XT prefix numbers.
Some models list compatible / non-compatible acronyms and that doesn’t usually help (me).
I appreciate the lightning fast reply.


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