BYOP Moto G4 from another seller?

Looking at getting a new phone and with that the concomitant change in plans.

I currently have a Moto X and it’s acting up.

I was looking at a Moto G4. I don’t think I need the plus.

If I buy a phone and Republic sim card, that will get me going on RW and replace my current phone?

I want to transfer my existing phone number to the new phone (thus deactivating the old one) and the information I’m reading is inconsistent. Is it automatic?

What if I buy an unlocked phone from a non-Republic vendor and BYOP? How does number transfer work in that case? I don’t want to add the new phone to my account, i want it to replace my current phone.

Can I use the Amazon with-ads version of the unlocked Moto G4?

How does the Moto G compare to the Moto X?


Step 1) Put your zip code into the Coverage Check | Republic Wireless . Unless you get the following message you can Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless :

Please note: “Bring your own phone” is not supported for your location at this time.

When you activate your new phone as an upgrade/replacement, your phone number will transfer from the old phone to the new phone. Activate My Phone

If you go with BYOP, then make sure TMobile’s network works for you as there is no current way to get Sprint coverage. 4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

If you want Sprint coverage, then you will have to order from Republic Wireless.

The Amazon phone with ads will work. You just need to order a Republic Wireless SIM from them at the same time.

Good thing I asked! Turns out ““Bring your own phone” is not supported for your location at this time.”

This is weird though - I put in two neighboring zip codes and I don’t get that message.

And thanks for the tip on tmobile/sprint. I recall a RW blog post or email about new providers but didn’t remember the details.

I guess I’ll have to decide between sticking with my current phone till it straight up dies or upgrading through RW while phones are on sale.


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