I believe I have made a mistake but would just like to make sure I’m not missing something simple first. I just purchased an unlocked Moto Z - XT1650-03. When I first browsed through the BYOP information all I noticed was that the model number had to end in -03.

So, I purchased this phone and installed the Republic app but just get a message saying my device is not compatible with Republic. At this point I noticed that in addition to that model number mentioned above, it also had to be the North American unlocked version and I purchased an international version.

So, I think I’m out of luck and will have to suffer the %25 restocking fee

Am I missing something or should I just be biting the bullet and returning it?

Also, I have not swapped my SIM to the new phone as it will need cut. I don’t think that’s the issue as I’m pretty sure in the BYOP instructions the SIM step is after verifying compatibility but I just thought I’d mention.

Your version Moto Z - XT1650-03 is the International unlocked variant that we do not support.

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