BYOP MotoG4 Plus has crappy reception

Unlocked BYOP MotoG4 Plus has crappy reception. I am curious what the difference is on getting the phone direct from Republic as opposed to getting a SIM card and putting it on an unlocked phone? I bought the SIM card thinking it would be the same as getting it direct from Republic. I’ve now confirmed that may not be the case (based off Republic’s coverage tool). They recommend to get the phone and not the SIM card.

I get no data and maybe 1 bar if lucky.

Extra question. Are the Republic phones tied to the company, or can I take it elsewhere if I want to got to another provider?

Basically thinking of returning phone and getting it direct from Republic if it’s truly unlocked.

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The key difference is that, depending on your area (and the phone you select) you may end up with Republic’s CDMA partner (Sprint) rather than it’s GSM partner. CDMA is a bit complex for bringing your own phone and as such all BYO activations are currently completed with a GSM SIM.

Current Republic phones are indeed truly unlocked (as opposed to the 1.0/2.0 phones sold a couple of years ago which, for technical reasons, were only “kinda unlocked”). So, if you order one and for whatever reason end up parting ways with RW, you’ll be able to use the phone on any carrier that will allow you to activate it.

The first thing I’d strongly encourage you to do is open up a support ticket with Republic, here: Republic Help. You can even link to this discussion (and save yourself some time of typing the entire issue up again)! They’ll be able to get you pointed in the best direction on this one-- consistently having one bar of data is no fun whatsoever!

Please do let us know if you open up a ticket and what the end result is – it’ll be helpful for anyone with a similar situation reading this thread in the future (and I’m curious!).

Hi @hiramv.hqexgo ,

I see you have opened a ticket. There’s no need to return the phone and buy one from us. If your coverage would indeed be improved by having a different SIM card, we can take care of that without the additional hassle and expense of returning the phone.

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How so? I thought it was a protocol issue that’s unsupported by SIM cards? I’d rather not disclose my zip code here

Republic has a workaround still not a simple as buying a SIM and inserting but they can configure and link the SIM to your phone remotely (no need to publish the zip code her just in a support ticket (Republic already access to the billing zip on the accounting side it just easier for them if you also included in the ticket)

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