BYOP not supported in my area. Is that just for phones that RW doesn't usually work with?


Bottom line: I need an S8. I can’t afford to buy one from RW. I don’t see any used S8s on ebay for sale specifically for RW, which makes me think there’s no difference between an S8 from RW and a regular unlocked S8. If that’s true would I be able to buy my own S8 and get RW service? The other thing is BYOP is not supported in my area, which would contradict my previous assumption. So to summarize: can I bring my own S8 if BYOP is not offered in my area? Thanks!


has to be one of the following

north america factory unlocked

has to do with gsm and cdma coverage… and if RW has certified the S8 for cdma…


Just want to make sure I have this straight before I shell out a bunch of money… As long as I get an S8 with that exact model number I can use it with RW? Assuming it’s not stolen and whatnot, too.


what is your zip code if you don’t mind posting
we could check coverage…to see


*editing this to remove my ZIP


gsm good
cdma fair


was trying to search to see if the S8 could now be used on the CDMA network and found

can order gsm sim here

if gsm doesn’t work you can request / try cdms sim


Cool I think that answers all my questions. Thank you so much! BTW I’m diabetic and just got my new Dexcom G6 CGM. You either have have to carry around this extra device or use a phone to display the blood sugar level. Then I found out my trusty old Moto X 2 isn’t supported with the CGM, so here I am. I guess my point is your help is more valuable than you realize and again, I really appreciate it!


samsungs have always been a strange critter when it comes to them reusing model number
there is also a build number

so model and build number.,…


a helpful thread for find the correct version of phones


went looking for that and could not find it at the time, thanks…


I have had great experiences with the website swappa for buying used phones.


Glad the OP’s information need seems met.

But beware Samsung used…make sure it reads the extra memory card before buying.

My eBay used S8+ was perfect and used here for 2 months except could not read the memory card. Nobody willing to repair including Samsung.

The good news is Samsung refunded the retail purchase price, knowing I paid less because I told them on their pleasant chat line how much paid used and where bought. I bought my new S9+ while awaiting refund which took a few weeks.

Slight $$ profit on the deal if ignore my time, much of which was spent. I really still wish the used S8+ had worked in the first place.

Beware any used phone, get explicit assurance it is fully functional.

And, the Plus screen is usefully bigger.

And, the Plus is the same, compatibility wise, it is simply larger screen.

And be aware Samsung is good with online customer relations. Their warranty runs a year from first sale, even If you buy used within that year.

Finally, since then, they opened local service centers with 3rd party vendors near me, trying to keep up with Apple stores.



Actually the s9+ has more differences than the non plus. 2gb more RAM and a better camera to name a couple.


Sure but not really noticeable, as compared to the bigger screen.


The main difference between my iPad Pro 12.9 and my iPad 2 is screen size. The way I use it. That is me.
I like a lot of real estate.


Just like me, the difference between my Ferrari and Subaru, the Ferrari has a bigger hood.


on BYO not available in your area, I think that’s because you would be getting a phone
on the Sprint network. You can only do BYO in a T-moble area. This based on RW’s assessment of coverage in your zip code.


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