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We have a Moto X phone with the Republic Wireless service, and we are planning on getting a Samsung Galaxy S8+ from Ebay.
Will we be able to get a new service without any one-time fees?
Will we be able to transfer the existing service to the new phone without any transfer fees, and will there be any change in the monthly charge?

Republic does not charge transfer or activation fees. Since you’re moving from a legacy phone to a phone purchased from other than Republic, you will need a new SIM card: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless

The plan will also change to the new My Choice plans shown here:

Finally, the new SIM will have different coverage than your old SIM. Should you find that the coverage isn’t adequate after activation you can open a ticket with staff who can work with you to evaluate getting you the older coverage you had with your Moto X.

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Best advice is here in option 2

It is risky to buy a phone off ebay as the seller may be misrepresenting the exact model that is being sold.
Note that Carrier unlocked phones can not be used on Republic.
It must be a certain model.
The Factory Unlocked North America model.
See this article in regards to the info you will need to determine if the phone you are buying is the correct model.


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