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I was looking into buying unlocked phones from Ebay for my 2 sons and wanted to make sure they would be compatable with the Republic Wireless service. I currently have a MOTO E4 and was looking into buying two unlocked MOTO E6’s for my sons. It says on the listing that it is a Model: XT2005-5.

Below is what the seller wrote me about the phones…

“Thank you for your interest in our listing. As per that listing, these phones are for use with GSM-based carriers – and Republic Wireless runs on Sprint’s CDMA network.”

I live in area code 02898 and I think RW uses different networks depending on the area you live in. Both my phone and my wife’s phone are “SIM Type GSM” so I’m thinking that it should work? Does anyone have experience with this?


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That is the correct model number and will work with Republic.

What the seller is telling you is incorrect.
Republic has two partners, a GSM and a CDMA, and the E6 is capable of using one or the other (SIM).

Note: Being you have a E4 with a GSM SIM, you could if you want pop that into one of the E6’s you’re looking at and would be good to go after installing the Republic app. :slight_smile:

Here is more info that can help:

I guess I’d be a bit leary. The model # is correct, but this statement gives me pause:

Usually when a listing states this, it’s a carrier locked phone that has been unlocked, and as such is not compatible with Republic Wireless. I always urge caution when buying on eBay. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is.


Do NOT by these phones. If the seller is telling you they’re only good for GSM carriers it means either it is not the model number they’ve listed, or the phone is a franken phone meaning something they’ve tried to turn into that model by flashing it, or something similar. You should not purchase it with the intent of using them on Republic.

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