BYOP Support for Pixel 4a and/or Galaxy Note 20?

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I just bought a Google Pixel 4a today, but it doesn’t show that it’s supported–and I do realize that today is launch day. I’ve owned both a Pixel 2 and a Pixel 3 in the past, both of which were supported as soon as they shipped, as was the Pixel 3a last May

Can someone let me know if the 4a should be added to the BYOP list by the time the phone should arrive, which is August 22-23? I’m wondering if I should be able to use this phone when it arrives or if I should cancel this order. Also, I have a friend that I’m trying to convince to move to Republic and they’re looking to buy a new Note 20, which will be released, or maybe just announced, on Wednesday. So we have the same question about that phone.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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There is no information on if Republic will support the 4a or the GN20, but historically Google products make the cut because of vanilla Android.


The best place to watch for RW’s announcements is here in the Community. Here’s a link to the Latest Announcement & News topic page. You can also use the “Notify” button at the top of the #news page to make sure you are notified when something new is posted in the category.

Anything else I say would be conjecture mixed with some hope!


There was another thread created on Monday 8/3 asking the same question about the 4a. The unofficial response is “it’s not on the list, no guarantees” but like others have said, it seems like a slam dunk. Launch is still 3 weeks away, return windows vary and I know some companies charge restocking fees on cell phones. I highly doubt they will sell out since Google has been sitting on them for months so you could always wait to be sure.

I might be changing my mind about the 4a, based on leaks of the Pixel 5, and on the Samsung event today. I currently have a smaller Note 10 and while I much prefer the Pixel experience, I do really like the S-Pen and use it often. Through some creative horse trading at the Microsoft Store in January, I got the Note 10 for around $300, plus my Pixel 2 trade-in. Samsung will give me $650 for the N10 in trade-in, plus an additional $50 discount because I registered for the trade before today’s event. They will also give me $150 toward Samsung accessories and I really like the design of the new wireless earbuds because they don’t go in the ear canal. –The in-ear type always falls out and is never comfortable to me. I also like that the Note 20 has a 4300 mAh battery.

So I am now really curious to see if the Note 20 is added to the list…

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