BYOP, Transfer of Info, and Keeping our Plan

Hello! With Motorola offering the Moto G Stylus for $100 off right now, we’re looking to upgrade three of our phones. If we get these from Motorola directly, I know we’d need to get Sim cards through Republic. Could we just swap out the Sim cards in our current Republic phones (all three are G5 plus phones) into the new ones or do we need to order new cards? If we can just swap the Sim cards into the new phones, would that affect transferring everything over from the old phones to the new or no?

We also paid for the full year up front - does bringing a new phone (or three) mess that up in any way or would we still be playing nothing for the next six months since we prepaid?

Thanks for any advice! :slight_smile:

Hi @anim8nate

You will be able to transfer the numbers and the annual plans to the new phones.

As for SIM cards, GSM SIMs can move between phones. CDMA SIMs cannot.

If your current phone is working, open the Republic Wireless app and touch the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the app screen. Select “About”.
For SIM type do you see GSM or CDMA?


Thanks for the quick reply, @johnny5!

We’ve got GSM SIM cards. It sounds like we should just be able to take them out and put them into the new phones then, correct?



Yes, be sure the phone is attached to WiFi and that the Republic app is installed and up-to-date.

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Do we move the SIM cards before or after the data transfer from the old phones to the new ones?

Hi @anim8nate,

It really doesn’t matter, however, I generally suggest after data transfer. Data transfer as well as installation and or updating Republic’s mobile app are part of initial phone setup. Republic’s mobile app needs to be installed and/or updated to activate the SIMs in their new homes.

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