BYOP - Where to buy compatible phones

Does anyone know where I can purchase a Note 10 or 10+ that is compatible with RW?

Just having Note 10 SM-N970U1K1XAA and Note 10+ SM-N975U1K1XAA or SM-N975U5K1XAA is too limited and I can’t seem to find a retailer to purchase from. If anyone knows or bought one & brought it over to RW, please share.


Hi @azurite!

Have you seen @louisdi’s guide he wrote about finding a compatible phone? Here it is: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone . There is a link on there for the Note 10 and 10+ at Best Buy that are compatible. It also gives you other information that will be helpful in finding a compatible phone.


Thanks a ton!! This really helped.

Just a FYI if anyone should read this thread, Fusion Electronix is another great option. Great customer support! They’re going to buy a sim card and test out their phone to see if it works w/ RW - just for my peace of mind. That’s service, above & beyond. Will update if their phones work!

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I would recommend having them download the Republic app. It will tell them if it’s compatible or not (and it’s free) :slight_smile: .

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