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Does anyone know where I can purchase a Note 10 or 10+ that is compatible with RW?

Just having Note 10 SM-N970U1K1XAA and Note 10+ SM-N975U1K1XAA or SM-N975U5K1XAA is too limited and I can’t seem to find a retailer to purchase from. If anyone knows or bought one & brought it over to RW, please share.


Hi @azurite!

Have you seen @louisdi’s guide he wrote about finding a compatible phone? Here it is: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone . There is a link on there for the Note 10 and 10+ at Best Buy that are compatible. It also gives you other information that will be helpful in finding a compatible phone.


Thanks a ton!! This really helped.

Just a FYI if anyone should read this thread, Fusion Electronix is another great option. Great customer support! They’re going to buy a sim card and test out their phone to see if it works w/ RW - just for my peace of mind. That’s service, above & beyond. Will update if their phones work!


I would recommend having them download the Republic app. It will tell them if it’s compatible or not (and it’s free) :slight_smile: .


Many vendors will offer Samsung Note 10/10+ this Thanksgiving season but the numbering scheme is a bit confusing.
I hope RW keeps the naming scheme for compatible phones ending in XAA for the latest Note phones.

The phones (or the numbers) they deemed compatible cannot be purchased anywhere so I looked at the official Samsung website and their numbers are different. However, they end in XAA.

So I assume for a moment those phones work ( as much as phones being purchased at Best Buy according to the linked article / tech help)

Republic doesn’t have anything to do with the naming scheme. The blame for it goes completely to Samsung. That said, Samsung continues to use the XAA notation for unlocked, but has also added more. You may find this helpful as posted above:

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