If I am a customer already and I buy a phone that is in the BYOP list, can I activate it with the SIM card of my existing phone? I would also like to keep the current number…

Thank you.

Presuming you have one of the legacy models the answer is no. The SIM cards in the legacy models are unique to the phone they are in and must stay with the phone even if it is sold to someone else.

During the new phone’s activation process you will be presented with an option to move the number from your old phone to the new phone. When you take that option the number moves and the old phone is deactivated.

But I could buy a Republic SIM card, say from Amazon, correct? I currently have a Moto G3 with 2.0 service…

Yes, you can buy the RW SIM from Amazon. Know this, however:

Your Moto G3 is connecting to Sprint towers. If you buy a SIM from either RW or Amazon it will be a GSM SIM that works with T-Mobile. You should check the T-Mobile coverage map before making this purchase. Also, if you run the RW coverage check and you find some phones are excluded, then the same phone purchased from RW will come with a CDMA SIM and work with Sprint just as your G3 does.

Yes, I realize this is complicated, but it is what it is because the CDMA SIM modules cannot be activated without RW’s assistance hence they configure them before they ship them with phones.

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