Calendar alarms come on my phone from my husbands

I gave my Moto x or Moto g phone to my husband. I got a new Moto g 3rd generation phone. My husband’s alarms keep coming to my phone as well as his. How do I separate our phones so we don’t get each other’s calendar alarms?

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Each of you need to have your own Google account. Once you get that set up, do the following.

  1. Add the missing account using the settings menu in GMail, if necessary. My guess is your husband doesn’t have his own Google account or he has both of your accounts on his phone. So that’s the phone you will have to change the settings on.

  2. Go into the phone settings menu.

  3. Select “Accounts.”

  4. Select “Google.”

  5. Remove the Google account that’s not your personal account.

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