Calendar issues

I got a new phone about 2 months ago. Since then I haven’t been able to get my google calendar events to show up on the phone. The google accounts are synched and both show up in the settings of google calendar. It’s just that the entire calendar is

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is it that your not getting notifications from the calendar or are you looking for the widget, or when you open the calendar app on the phone your just not seeing the entries?

If you go to the link below does your calendar show correctly on the Google Calendar page?

Some issues with calendar syncing can be solved by using Google Calendar app, not the stock calendar app.

If Google Calendar is on your phone and you’re using it make sure it’s up to date in Google Play Store. On some phones, Google Calendar was provided as the stock app, but it wasn’t the full version. If you don’t have the Month View option then you have one of those limited versions. Here is the full version:


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I updated the calendar app and the issue was solved. Thank you!

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