Calendar times changed when Daylight Savings changed but I live in Arizona. What happened?

Within my Calendar the times of all my events changed when daylight savings changed. I thought I had Arizona time set on my device. What happened that caused all my times to change?

Take a look at Use Google Calendar in different time zones - Computer - Calendar Help and see if there’s anything in there that might apply. There is a tab in that help page for the computer based calendar and also the Android based calendar.

Settings -> Date & Time

Automatic data & time and Automatic time zone should be enabled.

In the calendar app

Settings -> General Settings -> Use device time zone enabled.

Hi @rollinl,

I think Daylight Savings Time may be the root of the issue for you. As I’m certain you’re aware most of Arizona remains on Mountain Standard Time (correct me if I’m wrong the exception is the Navajo Nation). When your phone is set to Automatic time zone, it should be pulling the time from the cellular network your phone is connected to. Republic does not run its’ own time server.

If the time being provided to you by local cell towers doesn’t accurately reflect Mountain Standard as opposed to Mountain Daylight time, you might find toggling off Automatic time zone, then manually setting to Mountain Standard Time sorts things.

I have the same problem and I live in Phoenix.

I am not satisfied with the answer from the community. RW is responsible for the system. If the towers are giving out the wrong time zone, then you need to talk to the owners of those towers and make sure they fix that problem.

Phoenix has not done Daylight Savings for forever. I should not have to do a work around every time there is a change to make sure that my phone does not change.

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