California Fires


Dear Southpaw and Republic Wireless,

I want to thank you and let the other members know how you stepped up.

I live in San Francisco. The fires that have scorched our air and killed at least 81 people and left many homeless has been a disaster for us here in Norther California.

Several days ago I sent a private message to Southpaw asking if RW could do anything to help their customers in the areas burned to the ground. I sent them some area codes for the affected areas and hoped for the best. Once again, like they did with the hurricane victims this year Republic stepped up. I was notified today that Republic was reaching out to those customers in need.

Thank you – thank you – thank you (a thousand times!)

Southpaw, a special shout out. You’re amazing at what you do.

In some dark times you gave some light.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


God bless everyone suffering from loss in the wildfires, I pray the lost become found or the past can be found and identified so families can finally put them to rest. I hope everyone can say a prayer at their tables tomorrow for the ones that won’t give thanks anymore. One last thing don’t forget to care for the animals.


Thank you for the kind words @johns.1k5o1y.

It can be hard to guess based on addresses in our records exactly who may have been impacted. If we’ve missed someone, we would like you to please open a ticket and let us know what we might be able to do to help you during this trying experience.


Thank you for mentioning the animals, Bocephous. It’s the one thing the news agencies seem to miss. A lot of lost forest and grassland lives are lost in fires, without a note.


I wasn’t able to be in my home for 5 days back when the Carr fire hit Redding, CA.

Thanks, Republic, for helping!