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So if you go into the call and text history, you can see what calls and texts that were made immediately and to what number. Sounds good? Well, if you look at them a tad later, only the past day shows…you can;t look at the current day anymore. Very frustrating when you are monitoring your kids daily phone activities.

Hi @amyl.jgb9mt,

What phone are you describing? Different operating systems have different phone app features, maybe we can find a solution for you, if we have some more details.

All call and text history is also available in the account portal. Just keep in mind that the timestamps there are in UTC, so you’ll have to do a little math to figure out the local time for each call and text.

Some of our members may have suggestions for a parental control app that makes what you’re trying to accomplish easier, as well.

Edited to add: Oh. I see you found the call logs in the account portal and already noticed the time difference! Time on call logs

Yup, just wondering hwy that time stamp can’t be set to our location where when logging into Republic on a phone and looking at the call log, it’s the correct time for my area.

Also, I see Republic didn’t show logs for yesterday the 31st–just the 30th. Do they not show logs for months that have 31 days?

Could you tell me the exact steps you’re taking to see the timestamps in the correct time zone? I was only aware of them being correct in the “phone” app’s logs, not through anything you’d access in the Republic app.

I’m not sure why you’re seeing that. My Account Portal call logs show the activity on the 31st.

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