Call Blocking if not in contacts



I have a Moto G4. How do I block all calls that are not in my contacts?



Hi @bobb.p6nmmt!

It’s very simple. Republic has a new call blocking feature that is very handy. In fact, it works exactly how I think you would like it to work. When you get a call from a number that is NOT in your contacts, Republic gives you a notification and asks if you would like to block the number. It’s very simple and extremely helpful! Please see this article by Republic to enable it: How to Block Calls/Numbers Using the Republic Wireless App – Republic Help . I hope that helps!


Thank you for the reply! I am familiar with Republics App and it’s transactional call blocking.

Here’s what’s going on: I’m a software dev and I can subscribe to a service and gain auto access to a virtually unlimited number of local prefix numbers. I can then hammer you with calls. If you answer one, I “lease” the number and pass you to a telemarketer. All of this can easily be automated.

To stop this you have to do the following each time the phone rings:

  • Find the phone
  • Find your glasses, in my case anyway
  • Decline the call
  • Double click on the notification to block or not
  • Select block the call
  • Optionally throw phone across the room :slight_smile:

I’m getting between 8 and 32 un solicited calls per day from telemarketers. I would like the option to auto block ALL calls that are not one of my contacts.

This is such a hassle for me, I’m trying to figure out ways to not have a phone at all. Of course in our society that is very difficult.

So far my only solution is to set my default ring tone to nothing and then assign a ring tone to all my contacts…geez and this doesn’t stop the endless vibrating and notifications, some of which I like/need.

Any ideas? Thanks!


Hmm… I don’t know of anyway this could work currently. I can see that being a handy feature (one that I would enable for sure!). I actually really like this idea, but I am not sure if it could be feasibly done. It would require Republic to loop through all our contacts and numbers associated with those contacts prior to ringing our handset. As I am sure you well know (being a software dev), this takes time (and adding even just 5 seconds to a call is a big deal). I am just not sure if Republic could do all the checking fast enough to make it work good. Nobody likes waiting-especially the person on the other end trying to get a hold of you. I don’t believe Republic wants (or even can) screen calls while being routed through their servers. In fact, I am not sure that would even be legal. The only option I could see would be an option in the Republic app that blocked calls locally. This is definitely something I would like to hear Republic’s feedback on. Something else that might help would be the ability to block all numbers from a different area code. That would eliminate a lot of spam calls from national places.


This is in the dialer on my Samsung S7:



That would get rid of numbers showing up as “anonymous” but not most junk calls.


Samsung doesn’t provide any details. I presumed “anonymous” meant there was no name associated with the number in my contact list. To me, a number without a name is anonymous but I understand where you are coming from. I don’t have that feature enabled and I don’t recall receiving any calls from “ananymous.”


I have a Moto G5+. I use priority only all the time and set it to allow calls from my contacts only. It doesn’t block calls, but the phone doesn’t ring w/every telemarketer & robocall.


I follow the logic, however, anonymous calls usually refers to calls where the caller has blocked Caller ID. It’s too bad Extreme Call Blocker no longer works with Android versions past Marshmallow as it had a whitelisting feature that blocked “stranger” as opposed to anonymous calls.

Using one’s phone’s DND settings as suggested by @karlac.1ed10c is probably as good as it will get for this for now.


It seems like Priority Only with the contacts only option gets me there.

Many thanks, I guess I won’t have to go back to a pager after all :slight_smile:


Nope. It means caller ID blocked.


I don’t see “enable spam blocking” as an option in settings. I have a Moto G3. Apparently it’s not in the favored class of phones to receive this service

Which prompts another question. As a customer who began my Republic journey in beta with a Defy XT, is there a reason that I deserve lower quality service than the Johnny Come Latelys? Are your long term customers less valued than the ones that sign up today? I’m feeling like I place more value on our long term relationship than you do.


The Republic features utilizes a capability added by Google to Android in version 6.0. Since the G3 runs Android 5.1, it isn’t possible for Republic to offer this feature on your phone.

Republic is very careful to serve its customers, especially its long-term customers as best it can. To that end it grandfathered plans rather than forcing customers to move to the new plans, continues to support the beta Defy XT and offers beta customers an ongoing discount. Unfortunately, technology moves on. The newest of the “legacy” phones is now over 2 years old, old by cell phone standards and Republic isn’t able to offer certain things because of the technological limitations.