Call Blocking With Republic and Moto G?


I am getting robocalls at least 5-10 times a day and I am really over it. I have been using an app called Hiya, but it doesn’t block the voicemails. Wasn’t there a discussion about a new app or something through Republic?


Hi @amyb9,

The new feature in the Republic 3.0 app simply makes a core Android function quicker. It does not, however, block calls from going to voicemail. There is an app one of our members has tested and recommended in this Tips & Tricks article:


Thanks, so there aren’t any apps that actually block the call and vm, I guess?


Hi @amyb9,

My understanding from the Tips and Tricks article I linked is that @carlh found one app that would hang up on callers rather than sending the calls to voicemail:


@amyb9, I can verify that the app in the link provided does block calls and not send them to voicemail.


The reviews on Google Play say that it doesn’t work for many people… So not sure…


if it doesn’t work for you, just uninstall it and try another one. There really isn’t much to lose. As I said, I have had success.


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