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I have Vlad Lee’s Call Confirm on my Android 7 phone. It works great. So I’m trying to find and install it on my wife’s Android 8 phone and it’s nowhere to be found and links to it on the Play Store are broken.

Is there an alternative, something that will prevent ■■■■ dialing.

A screen lock won’t work, because the issue we have occurs after the screen is unlocked.

You’re trying to control outbound calling and require confirmation before a call is made?

Yes, that’s what we’d like to do.

From what I can tell Google no longer allows this permission to 3rd party apps so it isn’t possible to have such an app on phones running Android 8 or later. As you indicated, Call Confirm was removed from the Play Store entirely and the only other one I’m aware of from here: has reviews that indicate it no longer works with newer phones.

Darn – that’s too bad. This was an excellent feature for those of us with fat fingers who are constantly mis-dialing. Thanks for confirming/checking that out though.

Try installing from this Google App Store link. I currently use it on a LG phone with Android 8.1.0 where the Call Confirm app by Vlad Lee does not appear in the phone’s app store.

edit: changed link but the old link was working on my PC.

Here is the link from the developer’s website but it is not a secure https link.

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