Call delay since updating



Phone Brand: Motorola
Phone Model: Moto X
Phone Generation: 1st Gen
Plan: WiFi+Cell+3G
Plan Option: WiFi+Cell+3G

Since I updated to RW a few days ago, most of my calls have long latency (it takes up to 1 seconds for the other party to hear what I say.) I never had this problem before updating. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Is there a solution? Thanks.


Have you tried anything? Like restarting the phone or clearing cache (Settings–> Storage–>Cache–> Click OK)?


I often experience this when I call my SO’s X1 but it only occurs when the connection is first made. She hears my 3rd or 4th “hello.” After that there is just a slight delay.


If the issue is as described by @billg below, a natural convergence delay of up to a second at the beginning of a call can happen. It should clear up but there is a real physical delay on calls. You really want to hear it talk to someone on the phone standing in the same room. The call travels hundreds of miles and then back. The initial delay may be longer than later in the call.


I experience this when the connection is first made too. But I haven’t noticed it during a call. For me, this has been going on for years, but I think it has gotten worse over the last couple of months, going from a split second to a bit over a second. I don’t make many calls and the calls I do are almost all on WiFi, so I can’t say if the problem exists on cellular too or how bad.

I also notice, that when making a call on WiFi to 1-800 numbers, I don’t hear the ring tone. If making the call on cellular, the ring tone comes through.

I’ll try clearing the cache to see if things improve any.

My two phones are an X1 and G1.


​I do get this delay at the start of every call, but I can live with that
(and that was also before I updated to the new RW version); the problem is
the latency/delay during the call which just started after the update​


Thank you Sean for your previous advice. I had indeed restarted my phone
after the update, but neglected to clear the cache as you suggested. I
just did that; will see if the issue got resolved.


Thank you Marshallh;

​I have always gotten the delay at the start of every call, but I can live
with that; the problem is the latency/delay during the call which just
started after the update​; this makes it impossible to carry on a normal


Great advice! I had restarted my device after updating but neglected to clear the cache beforehand as you suggested. Cleared the cache, re-started, and that seemed to do the trick; my first call had no delay at all. Thanks a bunch!!!


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