Call detail records are spammed with regular, empty records

There are tons of empty entries in the CDR logs on the republic site for our phone. They seem to come in at regular intervals every few hours. The pattern is three ‘outgoing’ events all in the same minute, and then three ‘incoming’ events with no delay directly after. None of the events have numbers associated with them and they show up as text messages. We do not see any evidence of these being sent or received on the device itself, but the show up in the log on the republic website. In fact, I’m pretty sure they showed up post-facto in old logs that didn’t display them when I looked at them in the past.

Moto E

What plan are you on?

Data + Talk & Text

Issue Description

Usually the no number entries in the CDR Logs are notification texts from short code numbers.

Interesting. That doesn’t really explain the outgoing ones, or why they always show up as groups of 3 outgoing and 3 incoming all at the same time.

Our Doctor’s office uses short codes for appointment notifications… you have to type Yes or No to confirm or decline the appointment…that’s the outgoing text to the same number and hence will show up as blank in the CDR.

Can’t say for sure if that’s the case for you…but most of these notification interactions require a Yes/No text back…and then they will send a confirmation text depending on your response…this interaction is fairly quick…so it is not abnormal to have 3 closely spaced texts with the same number.

Running the Moto G5+. On MyChoice + 2GB plan.

In reviewing Call and Message History, I see quite a few outgoing text messages at times when I don’t believe I had any texts incoming or outgoing. I’ve thought through the possibility of automated texts requiring a response “Yes, no, stop, etc.” I am pretty confident none of these apply. Any other possibilities?

Hi @ric_s,

Do these text messages have a number beside them? We’re seeing some reports of both inbound and outbound text messages in the Account Portal call and text history with no number by them.


In my case they do coincide with text messages from short codes - like my bank telling me that a charge has posted to my account.

Our technicians are aware of the matter and will be investigating.


No, no number.

Hi @ric_s,

I realized @trevorl.11j6v0 reported this same thing a few days ago, so I’ve merged the two conversations so we can focus on the matter in a single conversation.

Thank you - that’s fine as I’m sure the technical expert for one issue would probably be the same, and it’s possible the two issues are related although clearly different. @trevor reports the suspect messages are always in immediate bursts of 3 incoming and 3 outgoing simultaneously, while what I’m seeing are lone outgoing messages that are not (as far as I can determine) tied to texting a response to a system-generated text or anything else like that. When they appear on my calls and messages log I don’t have any text of any sort at the same time as the timestamp (and yes, I am aware from a previous post in the forum that my calls and messages timestamp is 5 hours different than local time, so I’ve adjusted for that.)
Thanks again.

Here are a few specific instances for the technician who engages on this (all dates and times are per the Calls and Messages log timestamps):
7/27/2019 4:05PM
7/26/2019 9:23PM
7/26/2019 3:02PM
7/22/2019 5:21PM
7/12/20/19 11:36PM

Our Member Community isn’t a way to engage with technicians. That happens in our Help tickets.

While I agree that you’re not seeing the exact same symptoms and pattern as @trevorl.11j6v0, the overall issue - that there are text messages with no numbers recorded, is the same. We can use that to look for commonalities and gain a better understanding, but if our engineers correct and issue and it only solves for one of you, they would keep working on it.

By talking through the similarities and differences, and collecting other examples from other members, we can learn more about what the issue may be.

Got it, thanks! Thought that was the case but the reference to technical support threw me
I’ll enter a Help ticket.

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Hi @trevorl.11j6v0 and @ric_s,

Could you please take a look at your call records and see if there are still entries with no number listed? Our engineers pushed a fix yesterday and my account now shows numbers beside all calls and texts except calls received from private numbers.


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