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I’ve inquired about this problem before. Problem still persists. My setup: Am pairing via bluetooth, moto x gen 1 and moto x pure to cordless phones. In dealing with initial problem back in April, AT&T ended up replacing cordless phones. I also worked with Republic to remove some phone apps that might contribute to problem. Back then, using moto x gen 1 only, the problem disappeared. Sadly the problem is back. Seems present most of time. Yesterday I paired my Moto x Pure and echo was present when calling both cell and landline phones. This AM I called friend on his cell phone; echo present but he indicates he always has echo problem. I placed another call to a landline and no echo in call. Note: I don’t hear any echo on my end. All echos are on “others” phones.
Do you have any recommendations? Since problem was temporarily solved on gen 1 moto x, I’m hoping that problem might be recent /or updated apps.

thx for any help and suggestions.

Steve M.



Echo is always present, both on cell and WiFi and is not limited to your cordless phone or the Republic device/service. The highlighted 1st paragraph of an article by VoIP Info explains at a high level
Anything on your phone that adds delay in the path can add to the problem … some things to check

  • Any Echo when you are not using the AT&T device (I assume you are Bluetooth attached to them)?
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echo on nexus 6p has peersisted even tho “factory has reset reman” phone as per republic insisting I do so. People that I call, they call me can hardly carry on a conversation due to the persistent poor call quality either on cell or wi fi


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