"Call ended" error message

What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on? $20/mo

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data, talk, text

Issue Description

I have a situation I am trying to fix where for one particular number that I call daily I often get a “Call ended” message after I initiate the call. No rings, no busy, no fast busy, just that message from the RW app. No one else I know has trouble calling that particular number. The call is routed from RW to Sprint to CenturyLink to this particular land-line. I was thinking it was a routing problem, but that is unlikely. It may be a signaling (SS7) problem.

Sometimes the problem persists for 24 hours. Other times, I redial a few times and it eventually rings the distant line.

Anyone else ever seen this error message? It started recently, could be a signaling problem with the latest version of the RW app or maybe CenturyLink installed some new software or the Sprint T-Mobile merger is going bonkers again. Really tough to debug this, but extremely important to me and one ancient old man I’ve known for 67 years.

  • Can you determine if the failure is the same or different on Cell vs WiFi?
    Try calling the AOM on cell to see if that makes a difference.
    • I would suggest that you Open a Ticket, so the support team can check and see if they got the call setup request.
      • You would need to make a call and have a failure shortly before you Open the ticket, plus provide the number and time of the call

That is news. I did open a ticket but the problem resolved itself and has been sporadic since then. However, if I continue to experience it I will open a ticket as you suggested.

As for other readers, if you have seen this error please share your experiences.

For the curious, the “Call Ended” error messages have largely stopped, so whatever the underlying problem was, it was fixed or overwritten. Or sucked up in a big tornado.
I also discovered that this is a normal message when the other end is busy. That is a bug.

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