Call experience survey for Extend Home Beta

Thanks for your continued participation in the Extend Home Beta! It’s time to get some specific information from you about your call experience. You’ll find the link to the call experience survey in this direct message (visible only to Extend Home Beta participants).

If you have additional thoughts to share about the experience beyond the survey, please reply below (or start a new topic) to tell us even more.

Thanks again for helping us with this new feature. We’re eager to hear your thoughts!


Hi @extend_home_beta,

We’re eager to hear from you about your call quality! If you’ve already filled out the call experience survey, thank you! Our team is devouring your reports. :yum:

However, the team is also hungry… I’m told nine of our testers have not yet filled out this important survey. :crying_cat_face: Remember, we really need your feedback! So many people were willing to help us test this feature, and we picked you! You are an important part of our decision-making process for this product.

If you haven’t yet filled out the survey, please take a moment to do so today! Thank you.

Morning. I filled out the survey. Did it not go through? I can resubmit if needed

Hi @mvictoria621,

You are not on the naughty list! Thanks for checking!

Just wanted to check as it wouldn’t have been unlike me to not to have hit the submit button after completing it.

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We must be long-lost sisters!

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I somehow didn’t get (or, didn’t see) an email notification that there was a new post here when the thread was started, so managed to miss it. Completing now!

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I believe I’m now off the naughty list!

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Gotta love the 'fesser-uppers! :green_heart:

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Sorry did not see notification message. I assumed messages to the inbox here would go to my RW email as well.
Submitted survey

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Is there a way to revise an already submitted survey? Never mind, sent in a second one with my second round of tests.

I filled it out, but on my phone. Did it go through? Or am I on the naughty list?
I don’t see a way to check for myself.

Yes, it might be helpful if we had an idea that our completed surveys were received, so we don’t spam you with duplicate surveys.

Hi @bestcee and @TriadNCDD,

Oh no! Don’t :spam: us! Your surveys were received, and thank you for checking!

Everyone whose survey we were missing also received an E-mail from me.


I finished the call quality survey AND I received and email from you. Did it not arrive?

Hi @billg,

I mean an E-mail directly from me, not an E-mail forwarding content from the Community platform.

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