Call for Beta Testers: Home Phone Extension Feature

Hi, y’all!

Over the next few weeks, Republic Wireless will begin testing a new feature for My Choice subscribers. This feature, called “Extend Home”, will allow My Choice subscribers to extend one of their lines to an analog phone end-point. Basically, members would order a Home Phone Adapter from our online store, set it up in their home and associate it with one of their service lines. Once associated, the extended phone would:

  • Ring at the same time when the service line number is called
  • Call out independently using the shared service line number
  • Support E911
  • Provide Caller ID Name(CNAM) service for inbound calls to the home phone
  • Share voicemail box
  • Place calls between the primary phone and the extended phone

Once chosen, the initial Beta Testers will receive the Home Phone Adapter and the new feature, at no cost.

We are promoting this Beta to only our Community members and will be choosing a small number of participants in this test program. If you are interested, apply below:


@billg, this sounds perfect for you.

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Thanks! I signed up. Right now I’m testing Echo Auto. Pretty cool having Alexa with me in the car. It integrates perfectly with my S7 & RW. I have encountered a couple of bugs with navigation but nothing I can,t work around.

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I presume you’re still using the Xlink? Generally an ATA is more robust than Bluetooth any day.

I am using the Echo Connect with my Echo at home while alpha testing the Extend Home feature. Love it!


My home phone system has 4 remotes so the home station and all remotes ring simultaneously when a cell or land line call comes in. That is really nice except they all ring twice when a call is blocked. Oh well.

But, a single base, correct? If so, it’s just a matter of plugging the ATA into the base in place of the Xlink and your remotes will still ring simultaneously.

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Today I had the echo auto on my desk. It had a BT connection to my S7 but not to my car. When the S7 isn’t connected to the car it plays audio through its loud speaker. It’s rasher amusing asking Alexa a question and getting the answer from the cell phone. Also make a decent speakerphone. Amazon definitely hit a home run with Alexa.

Oh, OK, I didn’t get that from the description. I sure hope I get selected for the beta.

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I’m trying to wean off f my landline. I need it for a few things, including my security system. Can’t go cell on that because I’m in a dead zone.

Anyway, call my mobile and it rings on my landline? I’ve died and gone to heaven. Yowzer!


Using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) ATA to provide phone service to an alarm panel doesn’t always work well. It’s a worthwhile test, just don’t ditch the landline yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


I hear ya. 99% of calls to my landline are robo, so I turned off the ringer.! I’m reluctantly keeping the line active just for the security system.

Is this a separate line or the same line? So often my RW cell phone does not ring on all incoming calls (50% of the time) . The calls will show up in the phone app that there was an incoming call but there is no notification icon. I have to go searching for calls that came in. (yes, I have done all the trouble shooting stuff). I have to give everyone our Ooma phone line # as well so I am sure to receive calls.

So my question is: if my RW cell phone does not always ring on incoming calls will this extended line ring?

Thank you.


Hi @Obie,

This would ring on the same phone number as one of your My Choice cell phones. If the trouble with calls reaching your phone is due to Doze Mode or Wi-Fi network issues, the call would still reach the Extend handset. I’m testing it now and have been delighted to have my calls ring on the Extend handset, because I live in an area with no cellular service and the phone I’m currently using is very aggressive about Doze Mode, causing me to miss inbound calls.

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This would be awesome!
We have been landline free for quite a few years. Now we’ve hit that critical age of child can stay home, but there’s no phone. I’m not ready to buy a cell phone for child, so we’ve been using Facebook messenger. I would much rather have a landline option for those times! What piece of mind this would give.
I hope I’m picked for the beta!

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I recall seeing posts of folks wanting a home VOIP based device to plug thier home phone into. Cool to see RW making one.

Currently have Obi200 i got connected to Google Voice…all free and its own number an line.
There was news that popped up over the years that Google Voice would stop being free…that has yet to happen.

It is only use by my mother and only 3 people ever call it, aside from spam calls.
Very nice with GV to get all the notifications and VM via email.

Would be neat to try out RWs solution, however, since it has to be tied to a RW account/number, that would be to my mothers number…that would make her phone and the home phone ring when ever I or some one called her, quite annoying, as she is often not home (and gets many spam calls). Also, i would not want to be calling out using her number.

I would be interested if this could be a separate intendant number/line, but, I would then assume RW would have to charge per month for that…no point then for me for my use case, as GV is free and has more features at that point

Will this allow the use of a standard fax machine?

Please keep in mind that the purpose of a Beta is to test the concept to make decisions that will determine whether a new item is released to the public.

Being picked for Beta means you’re willing to help us test, provide meaningful feedback, put up with issues and help us evaluate and troubleshoot them.

Please don’t think of “Beta” as “first dibs on a finished product.” If the safety of your child is at stake, a Beta experience may not be appropriate.

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Fax machines generally do not work with VoIP. (They have their own protocol, often called FoIP which I have no sign is part of this offering).

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