Call for Early Adopter BETA testers: Moto E and Moto G Fast

As noted by @southpaw, you buy the phone. Specs are on

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The program does not provide the phone.

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Hi @Mar-52,

It looks like others have answered the question about purchasing the phone and finding the specs. I find the specs to be a bit tricky to find on the Motorola site, so please let me know if you haven’t located them yet.

The idea behind these early-adopter tests is that we have some Community members who really enjoy having early access to bring phones to our network. They’re also willing to provide feedback to help us ensure that a wider variety of phones can be added to our network, help us detect any possible issues and speed the approval process a bit.

So it’s not so much a matter of what BETA testing would do for you, but more so whether it’s something you would enjoy.

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Thanks @josephs.humgw3. Early-adopter testing isn’t for everyone. Which phone are you considering, and why?

Moto e, when I can buy it after it’s been out for awhile and hear people’s thoughts about it

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I would be interested in testing the Moto G Fast but I have some questions first. I am currently on the no data plan. Would I have to upgrade my plan to include data? If I do have to upgrade my plan, would I have to pay for it or will Republic pay for it?

Hi @leroyw.pbmvny,

If you’re currently on the My Choice Talk and Text plan ($15 plus tax), you would not need to change your plan.

If you’re currently on one of our legacy plans using the Moto E (1st or 2nd Gen), Moto G (1st or 3rd Gen) or Moto X (1st or 2nd Gen) then your plan would change to the My Choice Talk and Text plan. Republic Wireless would not pay any difference in the plan pricing.

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Will the testers’ phones be “grandfathered” and be able to continue use of the phones with RW service if it’s decided the phone(s) will not placed on the approval list? Thanks.


Hi @PlaneTherapist,

Are you interested in testing one of the above phones?

I’m not going to make a blanket statement promising a specific outcome if the phone is not supported.

As I mentioned when you asked a very similar question in a previous call for early adopters topic, people who enjoy early-adopter testing understand that there are no guaranteed results. They kind of thrive on that, and on the opportunity to “break things.” If something comes up where the phone cannot be supported on the network, we’ll work through the possibilities individually with each tester.

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Would be interested in the beta. Would purchase a Moto g Fast.




Greetings @southpaw. I am interested in this beta. I’m undecided on the Moto E or G Fast, but am definitely interested in one or the other. When is the beta scheduled to begin?


I had a G5 and had problems with it and actually went back to the 4. I’d be interested in beta testing the G.


Hi @kamaur,

The Early Adopter BETA is currently open and I believe we have our first G FAST tester activating as we type.

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Just bought the moto fast and realized it isn’t on the republic network. Would love to be apart of this.

Hi @debm.hc2369,

Do you have the phone in-hand, or is it still on its way to you? I’ll be glad to see if we can add you to the BETA, just trying to determine how quickly I need to act.

Possibly interested in Moto g fast. I can’t use a gsm phone in my area. I can only get service with cdma. Is this not compatible with this phone?

Hi @kkinton1,

At this time our Early Adopter BETA test is for those with good GSM coverage.

I have the G fast. Have a SIM card on its way and would be interested in Beta testing.

Beta testing is no longer required: Motorola Moto E and Moto G Fast are now available in the Republic Wireless online store!

Thanks @louisdi, I should have added that information to this topic when I announced the new phones.

@debm.hc2369, we’ll still be eager to hear what you think, and we hope you’ll share some photos in the Moto G Fast photo samples topic!

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