Call for Early Adopter Beta testers: New Moto phones announced 1/8/21

@louisdi, I read the initial post, however according to the official Motorola website the Motorola One 5G ACE is already compatible with Republic Wireless. It very specifically indicates so.
{The other mentioned phones do not indicate they are currently compatible with Republic Wireless.}
I stand corrected, the Motorola website now indicates the compatibility with Republic Wireless. It didn’t last week…

Hi @greatwent,

We do not officially support the Moto One 5G Ace.

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Motorola has a bad habit of getting that information incorrect when it comes to Republic Wireless.


Can you let me know what needs to be done to be included in this Beta program? Should I buy the phone first and then contact you?

I’ll send you a personal message with the info you’ll need as soon as I get out of the meeting I’m in.

He got his phone from Amazon

Any chance you can share a link so we can see if it is the compatible version?

Great comparison - thanks! I just set up a pair of 2020 Moto G Powers we got for $170…and then saw the 2021 announcement. Can’t remember the last time I saw a new model and thought “whew, glad I got the old one!” The DPI on the 2020s is perfect and on a display this size the downgrade to 720p on the 2021 will definitely be noticeable.

I would be interested in participating with the Moto One 5G Ace XT2113-2 (or if there is a planned Google Pixel 4a 5G beta I would be interested in that as well) given I need to replace my Moto X4 and want a phone with 5G, NFC and expandable storage.

My only concern is understanding what to expect from a “could go wrong” standpoint with RW and a “yet to be certified” phone.

This phone is already usable with Republic.

When we open an Early Adopters Beta test for a new phone, we have have already done some internal testing and have a reasonably high confidence level that the phone will work on our network.

However, there is the potential that our Early Adopters could find an issue and bring it to our attention. Early Adopters do not need to be people for whom their phone is their lifeline, who are on-call with their job at risk if they miss a call, who are a caretaker for someone in a critical situation, or who are seeking employment and expecting call backs and phone interviews. (For example.)

Early Adopters are usually people who have a somewhat geeky passion for telecom, Android devices, or just getting to try new things first, and have a high tolerance level for quirks and workarounds.

You can review our previous Early Adopters Beta trials in our #beta category and you’ll see that so far we haven’t experienced a high volume of bugs or irregularities.

I hope you’ll let me know whether you decide upon the already-supported Pixel 4a 5G, or the Moto One 5G Ace and would like to participate in the Ace’s Beta test.


I am interested. I have the phone and bought a SIM card and it turns out that it is not supported… Rather than take the phone back and restart the process, I am willing to be a guinea pig :slight_smile:

Hi @kennyw.ec2x64,

I’ve replied to your personal message and your ticket. I’ll need to step away from my computer for a while, but will be looking for your response in the personal message later this evening.

(p.s. I’ve also updated our online store’s pull-down menu of supported phones based on your conversation with Corey.)

Okay, I want in. I think I messaged you, but I’m commenting here, just in case. :joy:

I’m gonna get the Moto G Stylus 2021.

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“Geeky?!?” Really! Wait, what’s this I found… a mirror… oh, never mind :nerd_face:


What else should I look for beyond megapixel and processor #s then to compare picture quality? I noticed this too, it seems Samsung and iPhones take better pictures than Motorola phones.

I was hoping you’d join!

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64MP Camera | 2020| Misty Blue”■■■■■■■■■■■■sr=8-3


That phone will not work with republic. any phone that says international like that in the name is a phone that wasn’t meant for sale in the United States and will not work with republic.


There’s nothing in the specs that are going to tell you what kind of lens, what kind of algorithm, what kind of photo processing is on the phone. The only real way to see the quality of photos is in reviews and Hands-On testing.

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