Call for Early Adopter Beta Testers: Orion WiFi

Update 7/28/21

We’ve ended the Orion WiFi Beta and are no longer accepting new participants.

In September we announced our partnership with Google’s Area 120 to bring Orion WiFi to Republic Wireless. Now we’d like to invite interested members to participate in our Early Adopters program with early access to test this feature on your Republic Wireless My Choice phone.


  • You must currently be a Republic Wireless My Choice member
  • Your phone must be on Android 10 or above
  • Your Republic app must be updated to version or above
  • By participating, you agree to keep certain information confidential when asked
  • You will be expected to provide feedback in our designated #beta category


While some participants may not find access sites in their immediate area, by participating they’ll enjoy

  • a dedicated space in our Member Community where participants can talk to both Republic and Google staff members
  • a webinar with members of the Orion WiFi team
  • opportunities to provide feedback about Orion WiFi
  • opportunities to win fun prizes

How to join

(Information about joining the Beta group has been removed upon termination of the Beta on 7/28/21.)

Since Republic Wireless first launched in 2011, we have offered our members outstanding value through innovations such as our patented WiFi calling, unique spam call blocking, and our Extend Home feature. Our members have helped us with testing and feedback all along the way, and we are excited about this new opportunity! We hope you’ll join us for this Beta test!


For those still interested in joining this Early Adopter Beta, it is still open for additional testers, however with end-of-year vacations and holidays, it may be early January before we’re able to process your request to join. Thank you for your understanding!


Got new Moto G Power phone with latest update so I am definitely interested in beta testing.

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I am also interested in joining the beta. I have a Google pixel 4a 5g running Android 11.
I’ve been a member since the early days as an RW beta tester running the old Motorola XT.


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Is the Beta test still accepting applicants? I just got a OnePlus 7T that might be helpful to the study. With Covid I’m no longer traveling by air, dining out, etc but I am having to drive more so fast food and gas stations would be useful to be able to download something while eating or fueling up. Fast food , hospitals, and libraries is where I currently down load when traveling. Xfinity seems to be the most prevalent Wi-Fi in the West.

Just to be clear, Xfinity would not be related to or part of this beta.

Hi @danb.zvovtu ,

Yes, we’re still accepting participants. We’ll close out this topic when we are no longer doing so.

There are no people from New Mexico, USA in this Beta Test. I volunteer.

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