Call for Early Adopter BETA testers: Samsung Galaxy A51 (single SIM)

We’re looking for a few Samsung fans who would like to participate in our Early Adopters program with early access to test the Samsung Galaxy A51 on our service.


  • You must submit an interest form that includes a legal disclaimer, and pass a basic screening process.
  • You must have functional coverage with our GSM carrier partner.
  • You must provide your own Samsung A51.
    • Samsung A51 Single SIM model number SM-A515U1
    • US Version
    • Factory Unlocked

Please make sure you do not buy the carrier-subsidized version.
You will be expected to provide feedback in our #beta category.

If you are interested in participating, please reply below, or message me personally for further details.

Update: As of 6/4/20 the Samsung A51 (SM-A515U1) is now supported and this early-adopter BETA test is closed.


It’s Popular as a SM-A515F dual sim but I am not finding it otherwise! Decent specs and size but not popular unlocked in the USA…
Price area wasn’t bad at all I was very surprised for a Samsung.

Hi @southpaw,

This and the earlier canceled call for Early adopters for the Nokia 1.3 seems to be quite a departure from RW’s traditional SOP for test and vetting of the phones that may be compatible for use with RW. Can you elaborate a bit on the reasons for this change and how it may benefit members.

Will members who purchase a phone and participate in the test be allowed access to and have support for continued RW service for the typical life of the phone?


Hi @PlaneTherapist,

Early-adopter BETA testing is a long-time Republic tradition. The company launched as a BETA test with the Optimus S and then expanded the BETA test with the DEFY XT, some of which are still in operation. We had an active group of BETA testers for Republic Anywhere, and maintain a small, dedicated group of BETA testers for our Republic app.

We had an early-adopters BETA for Extend Home, and found that to be a success. Testers provided early feedback on the process of setting up the device, we built FAQs and documentation based on the questions the early adopters asked, and we received good feedback about the product.

We currently have our iPhone BETA in progress. The OnePlus 7T was successfully tested by few early-adopters prior to launch, helping us confirm that the phone would be a good fit for our service.

We have a renewed focus on some of the foundations that our company was built on, and collaboration with our members through early-adopter BETA testing is just one of many ways we’re returning to those roots. For a long time we’ve had members ask to be able to test phones on our service before they were officially supported. While we can’t just open testing up willy-nilly, we are experimenting cautiously with allowing some early-adopters to have access to test specific phones prior to our official support. Benefits would primarily be limited to those members who have a passion for testing new devices and being involved in helping us expand our portfolio, though all of our members would benefit from having a wider range of phones available for support.

Early-adopters enjoy testing software and hardware before it is fully supported, trying to “break” things, and they know that there is some risk that comes with the experience. (I think some of them sort of enjoy that risk.) There is no guarantee that any phone we BETA test will pass the BETA test and become a fully-supported phone, but, as I mentioned above, we are proceeding cautiously, including only offering Early-Adopters opportunities for phones which have a high likelihood of being adopted into our portfolio.


I’ve briefly left Republic to use the phone provided by my work to save a bit of money (with my wife remaining with Republic during the meantime). Decided to pick up my own phone again, and I went with the SM-A515U1 with plans to go back to my old provider (with the hope that Republic would come to supporting it).

So this beta test would interest me.



Hi, if I buy an unlocked A51, can I be assured to get on the beta program so that I can use it (albeit, understanding that some things might not work due to the beta status)? I really need a new phone and the A51 is the perfect spec/price for me.

Hi @thomasr.mk8xzl,

Thanks for your interest in trying out the A51 on our service!

I’ll send you a personal message here in Community to discuss further. There’s not a simple yes/no answer to your question because there are some factors to consider.

Message an
Expert customer