Call for Early Adopter Beta testers: Samsung S21, S21+, S21 Ultra

If one of the new Samsung S21 series models is the phone of your dreams, and you ordered it just hoping we’d support it, we’d like to invite you to participate in our Early Adopters program with early access to test these new phones on our service.

Likewise, if you’re not yet a Republic member but have had your eye on us and now own one of these elite phones, we invite you to participate in our Early Adopter program and try your new phone on our service.


  • You must submit an interest form that includes a legal disclaimer, and pass a basic screening process.
  • You must have functional coverage on T-Mobile’s GSM network
  • You must provide your own phone:
    • Samsung S21 (SM-G991U1)
    • Samsung S21+ (SM-G996U1)
    • Samsung S21 Ultra (SM-G998U1)

Please make sure you do not buy a carrier-subsidized version. We support only the North American, factory unlocked version of any BYOP phone.

You will be expected to provide feedback in our #beta category.

If you are interested in participating, please reply below, or message me personally for further details.


I am a current Republic Wireless customer and am interested in being an Early Adopter Beta tester for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (SM-998U1). North America, Unlocked.

My phone order from should arrive no earlier than Feb 16th because I opted for an online exclusive color.

I have functional T-Mobile service through Republic Wireless.

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I would like to become a beta tester. I’ve been a Republic Customer for 5 plus years. I have a Samsung S21 Ultra factory unlocked phone. I will sign a legal disclaimer and complete the screening.

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I’d like to become a beta tester for the S21. I have 2 BYOP SIM cards, one is CDMA, the other is GSM. I use the S8 as my current phone and my S21 just arrived.

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I wish I would have known this. I contacted republic twice to see if I could use my new S21 with their service and was told no. I am now with mint mobile cause of this. I was with republic for a good 7 years.

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I would like to participate in this program. What are the steps?
Thank you

Hi @gretap.pzvzfn ,

Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry the timing of our announcement did not align with your need to make a decision. If you’ve been with us for 7 years (which we appreciate!) I’m sure you’ve noticed in the past that we can’t always announce our support of new phones as soon as they are released. We’re trying to improve that process thanks to feedback such as yours, and our Early Adopters Beta program is one step toward that improvement. We hope to make the process even better in the months to come.

If you’d like to consider moving your S21 back to Republic, I’ll be glad to assist you.

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Hi @briang.xemj0p ,

Do you already have your phone? I’ll need to send you some details by private message. Would tomorrow morning be okay, or is there an urgent need to move forward with this tonight?

I have to purchase the phone by 12 tonight from samsung. Will this phone work?

it’s not urgent just I don’t want to purchase the phone if it’s not going to work
If the S20 work the S21 should work also right?

How do I tell if I have T-Mobile? All it’s says is GSM

Hi @briang.xemj0p ,

I want to be sure you understand what an Early Adopter Beta is.

The S21 series is not yet supported by Republic Wireless. We are inviting people who are eager to test these phones on our network to join a Beta test.

If you are excited about having the new phone and don’t mind possibly finding an issue we need to address, then you could be a candidate to be an early-adopter Beta tester.

If however, your phone is vital to your job or you have someone in your family in a critical health situation, or there’s some other reason, where an issue would present a major problem for you, we’d encourage you to wait to see whether we are able to support this phone before you make your purchase.

“GSM” means your current phone is using T-Mobile’s network. I’ll send you a personal message with additional details.

No it’s my going to be my son’s phone . No big deal.

Also it’s not getting here until February 20 th

I definitely want to sign up and try it. If it works then we will switch all our phones.

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I have an S21 Ultra. Ive been using it for a week… Popped in my Republic Wireless Sim card from my S10e and its working fine. You may as well tell people.

Hi @stevenw.1shbbq ,

I’m not sure exactly what you’re wanting us to tell people.

Please understand that you’re using an unsupported device outside of our Terms of Service.

If we decide to support the device, we will certainly make that announcement.

You could say, many people are already using the s21 line with current republic wireless Sim cards with no loss in functionality whatsoever. We are still beta testing so we are not liable if you have a few hiccups from now until we finish testing in a few weeks. Sounds about right.

Thanks for the feedback @stevenw.1shbbq , and I’m glad to hear you’re not having any trouble with your unsupported device.

We are evaluating an approach similar to what you’ve proposed, but for the time being, we have an Early-Adopters program.

Just because you got lucky doesn’t mean others will. In general what you’ve done won’t work (the Republic App will refuse the phone) and there are numerous situations where it could stop working (where the Republic App realizes it is on an unsupported phone) and as of now, you’re violating Republic’s terms of service as using an unsupported phone is such a violation. It isn’t something that should generally be recommended.

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