Call Forwarding from Landline, but I want both phones to ring

I’m trying to set up something like call forwarding to my cell phone from my work landline. The *72 thing will work to forward from my landline to my cell phone, but then it completely bypasses my landline and goes directly to my cell phone (the landline doesn’t ring) and picks up my personal voicemail too. I want to be able to answer the call from either my landline work phone or my cell phone. If it goes to voicemail, I want it to use my work’s landline voicemail.

Can I set this up through RW or should I talk to the landline company? I’d be willing to use 3rd party software if I can’t do it through RW.

This has nothing at all to do with Republic. You’ll want to call whomever provides your landline and ask if they offer “simultaneous ring”.

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