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I used to have my phone number (republic wireless) forwarded to a second phone (AT&T) of mine. That forwarding has been turned off for well over a year. However, the republic calls still occasionally get forwarded to my At&t phone. Example, my wife called the republic phone number but I received the call on the at&t number. Sometimes when I call the republic number from my at&t phone, it rings for a while, then connects like I am trying to check my voicemail on my at&t phone. Also, occasionally text messages sent to/from republic don’t go through. Example, I sent a text from my at&t number to someone and their response went to the republic wireless number that was previously forwarded. It’s my understanding this issue all stems from call forwarding that was previously setup but is no longer suppose to forward.

Also about 50% of the time the calls are fine and don’t get forwarded… However it sometimes takes calling 15 times and hanging up until the call goes through to the republic wireless number.

Please help resolve.




Hi @briang.eezsif,

In theory, what you describe isn’t supposed to be able to happen. That said, Republic’s call forwarding is forwarding on no answer (which it refers to as voicemail forwarding), meaning your Republic phone would ring first, then forward to your AT&T number if not answered or turned off.

I understand, that you believe forwarding was turned off over a year ago, however, would you be kind enough to check as described here: How to Disable Voicemail Forwarding – Republic Help. If you don’t see the option to disable voicemail forwarding, please try what’s described here: How to Disable Voicemail Forwarding When the Disable Option Isn't Available – Republic Help.

Whatever is going on with your text messaging isn’t the result of call forwarding as call forwarding has no impact on text messages. Please see if anything here helps with that: Troubleshooting Texting Issues – Republic Help.

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