Call from "Cellular Provider" SPAM call


I just wanted to share that I got a automated SPAM/SCAM call saying they were from “Your cellular provider, Republic Wireless/” saying an issue with payment and to pres 1 to update my info.
Listen here:!AiRdGy_p9aD4vh_YpUoaRduUhoya

The caller ID just said Private number.

If you get a call like this, just hang up.


I never answer calls from “Private number”. If someone goes to the trouble of blocking Caller ID because they don’t want me to know who’s calling, that’s enough for me to know I don’t want to talk to them.


I am curious about something. This call was received on your Republic phone? And, you recorded it? Presuming the answers are yes and yes, would you be willing to share the call recording app used?


Thanks for alerting us to this, @SpeedingCheetah. There are a lot of clues in that message that make it clear it is not really us, but I don’t want to highlight them here, since doing so might help the scammers improve their scam.

Republic Wireless does not take payment information by phone, and would not call you to update that information.

I will look into whether it would be possible for us to send out a warning E-mail to our members, since you’ve made us aware of this scam.


On the flip side, I wanted to post how easy it might be to program this sort of scam.

Say a telephone number is leaked from website hacking. All a scam programer needs to do is run it though one of the public databases of carrier information (feel free to put a fake number into this carrier lookup site). They even sell an “API” aka programing interface or batch processing and results.

With a little text to speech, it can then say your carrier name when calling.

Aka, our phone numbers are under the carrier: Republic Wireless/ (Sybase) as a non-wireless number.


I get calls from family members who are paranoid about things and thus have unlisted numbers.

No call recorder app. The message just repeated 4 times then hung up. I was sitting at my computer and real quick, just plugged the AUX cable to the phone and to my line in on my sound card and used Audacity to capture the audio.
I gave up trying to find a (non-root) call recorder app that works correctly on 8.1, even before I was on R.W.


Your family members are paranoid about you knowing their phone number? A number merely being unlisted wouldn’t make it show as “Private number”. One would have to proactively block Caller ID.

If you let it run, the loop never ends?


They only give out their number to certain people they know yes.
My Aunt was also a victim of a stalker and still believes she is being stalked by someone else…etc

The message ran 4 times then call disconnected. I plugged it up and hit record by the 3rd run.


I dont think this is targeted at R.W specifically. But is a general SCAM call.
My Grandparents told me they get these automated or similar calls a few times a month on their VZW phones and even on their landline.

It easy to tie in an automated robo dial program into one of those free carrier look up tools or sites and just have the script read in the number lookup result variable.


This makes little sense a
since if it came to your Republic number it would be in your call log. The fact that it isn’t would mean underlying number and therefore not a Republic/Bandwidth number.


Sorry…Was looking under the wrong tab in the dialer app…its in there.


I assumed you meant online call details. All calls, regardless of source should be in the on phone log.


You mean the online R.W call history in the Account Portal?
That often I find delayed a bit, sometimes by several hours.
However, it does show only a time and the call icon. No number. I guess normal for blocked numbers.

Edit: It also shows no number for received text messages as well.



My home “landline” VoIP via Google Voice and Obdi200 device, just got the same call, but with the “Google/” as the said “provider”.

Seems someone got a hold of my main contact numbers.
Probably something I filled out recently.
I have been putting my contact info into job search sites and such, like Indeed and Glassdoor, LinkedIN.