Call History Isn't Available

We have two Republic Wireless phones, a Moto G1 and a Nexus 5x. When I log in to my RW account and look at “Phones”, I see the Nexus 5x phone listed with the correct number just fine, but when I click on the drop-down, I do NOT see the “View Calls and Messages” choice; I do see “Change My Number”, “Assign This Phone”, “Manage E911”, and “Cancel Service” just fine but there is no “View Calls and Messages” choice, thus no history is available.

The Moto G1 phone that shows up on the “Phones” page right below the Nexus 5x has the “View Calls and Messages” choice in the drop-down just fine and when I click on it, I see the call history for the Moto G1. I tried this with the Firefox browser and the Chrome browser on my PC and also Safari on my iPad, but they all behave they same and do not show a “View Calls and Messages” choice for the Nexus 5x, but all of them show the “View Calls and Messages” choice for the Moto G1.

Does anyone have any ideas on this problem? I call this Spooky Problem number 2.

Could you have assigned the Moto G1 as a sub account ? if so try logging in to that account

Problem solved!!! Thank you, DRM186. I haven’t had to log in for so long I forgot that there even were sub-accounts.

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