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Can I delete individual calls from my call history or is it all or nothing?

I never clear my call history but I just looked and you can clear individual calls by opening your dialer, tap on RECENTS, long press on the call you want to delete, press DETAILS, press on the trash can at the top of the page and it’s gone.

Hi @etphonehome,

This works with the standard Moto Dialer? It’s always been all or nothing for me. My Samsung Galaxy J3 and Huawei Ascend 5W do have the ability to selectively delete call history. Some third party dialers may as well.

Hi @verak,

It would probably help us better help you if we knew which phone you have?

on my Moto X 2nd I can delete a single entry

open dialer

go to either recent or the full call history

tap the entry and then tap details

on detail screen there a trash can, tap that and that entry is gone

I’m away from my phone lab but will have to check it out on my Moto E2 when the opportunity presents itself. The suggestion does not work on my Moto X Pure. The reality is this functionality varies depending on phone model. Without knowing which phone the OP has, I don’t believe it’s possible to answer definitively.

Process described earlier is on my 2nd Gen Moto X with the stock dialer app.

@drm186 Thanks!

I’ve just tried it with my Moto G4, and it works! Though I’ve been with RW for 2 years, I didn’t know how. Good to know!!

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Thanks for confirming that. Indeed I see the same thing on my Moto E2, yet do not have that option on my Moto X Pure. This begs the question did Motorola go backwards with Marshmallow as opposed to Lollipop?

I think this is a fairly recent development in terms of the bundled Motorola Phone app. As much as I prefer the relative stock Android experience of Motorola’s phones, I’ve always thought their Phone app was brain dead in this respect not to mention lack of built-in call blocking as well. Other phone manufacturer’s (Samsung for example) have long built these capabilities into their bundled Phone apps.

Now I’m curious as to why this works on your G4 but not on my X Pure? Would you be willing to go to Settings -> Apps; scroll to then tap the Phone app and report back the version number? On my MXP it’s 6.0-8.

I’m learning lots from you guys @rolandh. OK, I’ve just found the version of the phone app (dialer) is 2.21. Android version is 6.0.1.

just extra information my phone version are

Moto X 1st 5.1-4

Moto X 2nd 5.1-44

Moto X 3rd (marshmallow GSM unlock) 6.0-1

all these can delete a single entry (thought the 3rd Gen does look different it still the basic steps just different screen look for the selection of details

Hi @rolandh,

Did you figure this out? It works exactly as @etphonehome and @drm186 describe on my X Pure.

I see I’ve neglected circling back to this. Turns out on my Moto X Pure, it’s not a long press but rather just a tap. Thanks to you, @etphonehome and @chico.xD for providing the information needed for me to figure that out. Now, if only, Moto would add call blocking to the native Phone app. Yes, I know there are apps for that and I use a very good one but it really should be baked in.

I did, however, for me only a tap rather than a long press works on my MXP. Long press produces this:

For whatever reason either a tap or a long press works on my Lollipop E2.

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