Call in progress drops right into voicemail?

I’ve had calls drop on me three times in the last two days. The last thing the person hears is “the Republic Wireless caller you are calling can’t be reached.” Is this related to the voicemail issue?

Both times I was sitting still in my house on my strong wifi, and I also had a strong phone signal.

Hi @danielleb.t3s305,

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We are investigating a very unusual bug (that’s not related to the voicemail issue described on our status page) where a handful of members are experiencing what you’re describing - calls in progress that suddenly drop into voicemail.

This is not something our Community would be able to solve for you. I’d like you to open a Help Ticket, provide a description like you did here, and if at all possible, provide some recent examples of calls that were dropped. If at all possible, please include the phone number that made the call, the phone number that received the call, and the time and date of the call (with time zone.)

Please ask that the issue be investigated as part of Master Ticket # 2104587.

Please let me know if you need help getting that Help Ticket opened up.

(Pinging @Ambassadors for awareness about this Master Ticket.)


I just experienced the same issue. Incidentally, this was after I turned off the “Handover to wifi when appropriate” function due to calls dropping and restarting. I am using a Samsung A52 5G with Android 11. The call was placed from my phone■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■to■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ The call was fine for 12 minutes, 59 seconds, then it dropped. I got a text from the other party saying they had been shunted to voicemail. The call was placed today, 15 September 2021, at 3:21 pm EDT.

Hi @JCL1,

This particular issue - calls dropping into voicemail, is not something the “Handover to WiFi when available” setting affects. It is something that needs the attention of our Help Team. Please open a Help Ticket, provide the excellent details you’ve provided here, and ask that the ticket be investigated as part of Master Ticket # 2104587.

If you need me to help with getting your ticket opened, I can do so, but it will have to be later this evening, I’m afraid.

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