Call on my end drops but other person still on

If my call is long… my end drops but I can still hear the other person on the line

I am going to move this to #problems. We will need to know more information:

  • What phone do you have?
  • Does this happen on WiFi or when on Cell? Both?
  • Has this always been an issue? When did it start?
  • How often does it happen? Always, sometimes, seldom?

The trick fixing issues is symptoms, we need to know all of the details or fixing is close to impossible.


I have a Moto G4 it happens on both WiFi and cell I don’t remember when it started… I only notice it when I’m speaking with a business and they have me on hold a long time and then they come back on the phone and they can’t hear me

What you are describing may be an issue on their end. Typically when placed on hold the only party that changes is the party that placed the call on hold. The are the ones moving the media to music and back. I come from t almost 20 years in that industry if you are going to list a direction of audio that would be there place. The other thing that points me to being their issue is that it happens on both Wi-Fi and cellular.

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I’d estimate this has happened to me a couple of dozen times over the past 5 years. It seems to come in spurts, happening a few time in just a day or two and then not happening again for a few months. I’m usually talking to my SO when this happens. Sometimes it’s her path to me, sometimes my path to her. We have experienced it with the X1, X2 and S7. I think it’s a switch issue.

Your SO puts you on hold?

On both Wi-Fi and cell? Neither end being on Wi-Fi? Is someone going on hold?

No, this has never happened when I’ve been on hold but that’s not to say it couldn’t happen. One of my buddies complains about this too.

I’m rarely if ever on cell when this happens. Neither is is my SO. Sometimes my SO calls my land line and it happens during the call, Sometimes I call her land line and it happens during the call. It does seem to happen more often on a WiFi -to-land line calls. The same applies to a buddy of mine. The land lines I’ve mentioned here are associated with at least 3 different exchanges.

Maybe this is related to the far more common issue of call setup time. We all seem to experience hearing the other party say “hello” several times before they hear us.

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