Call only rings 1.5 times, then it goes to VM

Odd thing that is happening to me every so often with my Pixel XL. (maybe 1-2 times a week)

When some one i do know and have as contact calls me, the phone wakes up, lights up, rings, even my Pebble watch alerts, but the phone rings 1.5 times, and acts like i declined the call. Sends the caller to VM.

I at first thought that they were just hanging up very quick, didn’t mean to call me or what ever, but that case my phone would show a missed call if they hung up. I doesn’t. And second, both people that this happens to insist that they did not hang up and were legit trying to call me.

I seem to happen more often when i havn’t gotten a call in several hours, or like over 12hrs. However, I have tried test call my phone, from various landlines and cell phone I can get my hands on…and can not reproduce this behavior at all.

Very weird. Anyone else ever experience this kinda thing?

With the explanation you provide (haven’t gotten a call in several hours, or like over 12hrs) you are in Doze or deep doze and it’s not waking up in time. As doze affect different phones and code levels differently this may not be a 100% fix, but it has worked for many.
See Workaround to prevent Doze Mode - useful if calls are going to voicemail or missed when phone is sleeping

Don’t think its a Doze mode issue…as everything else works fine.
And, I forgot to mention it has done it back to back or within an hour or so of each other when have been using the phone, and had only just set the phone down and it rings.

I also have gone about 32hrs of the phone just sitting unused, screen off, and then try to call it and it rings fully fine. So it would be in deep doze mode for sure in that case,

But, I will give that “fix” a try.

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Update: Issue still persists. The Doze fix did not affect anything.
I didn’t think it was a doze issue in the first place…as this issue has happened with an incoming call that has come in less than a minute after i had used my phone and set it down…so it had not gone in to Deep Sleep. Also, I have observed it happening when I am using the phone, the call pop up comes up and ring tone rings 1 once, then its like it Declines it self. But call log does not show it as declined. Usually, if the person calls right back, the phone will ring its full time.

Its more of a minor annoyance to me…than an issue. Though, since there is no “Missed Call” notification for when it does this, i have no knowledge that someone even called me, unless i hear the very short ring, then check the call log. Again, it happens randomly, not all the time.

I’ve been having this same problem on my Pixel 2, on RW’s T-Mobile network: short or no ring, no notification of missed call or email, and these emails popping in hours after they are left. This is a big problem since this is my business phone.

It happens on WiFi and cell, and it happens to back-to-back calls when the phone has not been asleep.

Any solutions available?

Have u given a try the “Workaround to prevent Doze mode” thing linked to a few posts up?
Did that do anything for ya?

Thanks for the quick reply! The workaround to prevent Doze mode did nothing. I finally tried turning off and on Airplane mode as someone suggested, and, oddly, it seems to have worked for now. Thanks!

Do you happen to have a smartwatch of any sort paired to your phone at all?

No, I don’t.

Ah ok. I have a Pebble 2 SE and was thinking that maybe that was involved with the issue…but the issue still happens for me when i have it turned off.

Was just curious of that could be a common factor…but it appears not, since you do not have a smart watch…must be something else. Maybe with Android 9 somehow.

I am having this issue happen now on my new Pixel 3.
Same contact most frequent.
I had thought before it may have my Pebble watch and its software…but I no longer use that but instead a Samsung Galaxy Watch which is much more up to date.

It seem to be happening when the phone is on wifi. (I am not away from Wifi that often or long enough to test if this happens when only on cell.)

Contact called me, I saw it notify my watch but was only for a second, then gone, just like before when i first posted about this. I “woke” the phone, pulled up an app or 2. Then locked the screen. within a min or so, he called back, and it did the same thing. So it does not appear to be a Doze or Deep sleep issue. I had previously tried the MacroDroid thing that is for the Doze issue, and it had no effect.

Perhaps the next logical step would be for a RW network engineer to look into the call server for my line at the incoming calls this is happing to and maybe gain some insight? A assume i need to create a ticket for that to happen.

Edit: I am going to block the UDP Call Setup port via my Routers Firewall, which then forces Calls to be Cell only. Will try this for a week or 2. See if the issue persists.

So. It seems that this issue IS related to wifi calling setup.
I have 7 days of no issues by blocking the UDP port in my router.
I enabled it again yesterday, and 2x now, this issue has happened.

Yup. Seems I have to choose between not having wifi calling while at home, and actually getting my calls to fully ring 100% of the time… or…have wifi calling, that has better audio quality, but have to call people back after they try calling me and it only rings for me 1.5 or 2x and I can’t answer it fast enough.

Edit: Note to Republic staff - you do not have the Pixel 3 added to the list of phones in the Ticket creation pages under “Select your phone”. Only the 1st and 2nd gen models are there.


I opened a ticket, giving them a list of the calls and times when this issue happend to me. Hoping they could look into the servers and see. I was told that they can only look at the last 72hr history though. I was told they found nothing out of the ordinary, and they sent me a new SIM card to see if that fixed the issue.

It at first seems to have fixed it, but the contact had only called me 1 or 2 times since I installed the new SIM Card. We both got got sick, then were very busy afterward with work related tasks, and did not talk to each other at all. But just now, he called me and the issue happened. I go to update my ticket, last I left it I told them I need a week or 2 before I would know and would get back to them, but ticket is now closed out and my reply will not go through.

O well. I guess it is just a Pixel thing…or something with him being on Cspire?

Just to update…this still happens.
It happens sometimes, but then not at all for weeks.

I just happened a couple times over the last few days.

I have been stuck home for a while, with phone in Airplane mode, wifi on.
So that force the call to be wifi only.
It still did it when certain person called me.

This topic came up in another thread where I mentioned some other things, link here:

So, it is happening again, alot with the 2 contacts that call me frequently.
The main contact, his work schedule had changed, so I am probably not gonna hear from him as much now moving forward.

Seems that being on wifi only(no cell), no mater the wifi network, 2.4g or 5g, has no effect on this issue.

The only thing i don’t think i have tried, is to stay on cell only, no wifi…which i could try for a bit i suppose, just have to remember to not do anything data intensive.

@southpaw could DM me info on that ADB hack thing your team has come up with that u mentioned at some point. I would like to see what that is about and the pros/cons of trying that. ( i have seen ADB hacks cause serious issues before). I may consider giving it a try.

i could try the MacroDroid Doze mode thing again, but the only one i see in there states its for Android 9.0 and lower…i have 10.

The reason I state “Doze Detect 9.0 and below - ver 0.9.6” is that I have only a Moto X4 to test on, if you would download it, determine the condition when it fails and provide screenshots of the logs, I would be glad to work with you to see if it something that I am able to fix.

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There’s no hack that “our team” has come up with. Let’s not take that route since you’re concerned about serious issues.

If you’ll continue to add to the symptom list, I’ll be compiling a list to present to the developers after I’ve had some time to replicate the issues myself.

That gave me the impression that you guy had come up with something?
I guess i interpreted that wrong.

Logs? i was not aware or know of logs saved by macrodroid.
Where/how does one view the logs of the macro?
Last i tried it, it just did nothing noticeable.
I see the code has mention of an RW notification…does this mean that the persistent RW app notification needs to be enabled?

Again, i do not think this has to do with doze mode, as the issue has happend when the phone is active, in use, even. But i can still give it a try anyway.

There exists on the internet a method using ADB to disable two doze mode functions. I’ve tried it personally and found that my phone does not move from a solid arc to an empty arc after an hour of not being used.

This has nothing to do with anything any Republic Wireless team is working on toward engineering a supported solution. I’m curious to know if the calls going to voicemail issue is also improved in this state. (I don’t get enough calls to notice and don’t have time at the moment to dedicate to testing it.) I thought it might be something you’d be interested to try, but I do not want to encourage such a trial given your predetermination that it is risky, because then, should anything at all happen to your phone, you may blame me.

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