Call quality issue. First time


Just had my first quality issue with R.W on Nexus 5X.

I was trying to talk to a buddy of mine in Mississippi. He has a S9 on CSpire. We talk every few days.

My R.W phone was on my home wifi fine, but every 15 secs or so would hand over to Cell, then 15 secs later it would go back to wifi. It did this several times.

He complained I was garbled, cutting out badly. No matter if I was on wifi or cell. He sounded clear most of the time, until then he stared cutting out bad. We ended the call then.

I suspect its weather related due the severe April Winter Storm that was going on at the time yesterday here where i live in MN.
My wifi (5ghz) was fine and not having any issues. And the cell signal seemed ok, a tad low bars, but ive seen it lower and still be fine.

I made a different call to a different person fine with no quality issues using my Sprint Pixel XL. (different phone, different network). That person, was using a R.W Moto G 1st Gen. She was on wifi fine and she was only 20 miles North of me, where the storm was worse.

A couple days prior, i had a 2hr long call with my R.W phone that had no issues.

Does the R. W app have any kind of logging and feedback ability so that it can pull system info and call stats and submit them to R.W to help improve things?


Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

If you’ll submit a ticket from the RW app, I believe it will include some logs from the phone. Be sure to let them know the exact date, time, and the other party’s number for the call that experienced such bad quality. If you’ll share the ticket number once you’ve submitted it, I’d like to have one of the engineers who is particularly focused on call quality take a look, while the technicians troubleshoot.


are those logs still there if the phone is rebooted at some point after the call has taken place?


Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

I’m afraid I don’t have all those details, but even without the logs from the phone itself, there are server-side logs that can be examined.

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Cool. I just did the Help Ticket in the app.


Thanks, I’ve left a notification with the engineer,

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