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I thought the Sprint cell reception in my neighborhood was weak on my Moto X (1G). Then my daughter showed up with her iphone and walked all over my house running facetime, etc with no problems. So now I’m wondering if the radios and antennas in the Moto X are weak while all the time thinking Motorola radio technology was strong. I’m planning an upgrade and the Moto X Pure looks inviting but I’m really looking for the optimal phone quality and not as concerned with the camera and movie streaming. Is there any objective measure of phone quality - both receivers and transmitters to assist in narrowing the eligible phone replacements. I know reception and transmission are location dependent but there might also be some measurable values regarding power, technique, etc in lab conditions that could predict performance in weak cell (and maybe even wifi areas). I’m not an iphone advocate but the difference between her iphone and my Moto X was dramatic and her iphone is several years old. As a footnote, the wifi calling is not too great either even when I sit near my router and know there is a strong Wifi signal. Right now, absent some relative radio performance data, I’m planning to buy a Moto X Pure, and a Galaxy 6 and test and return the loser on our T-mobile network which is supposed to be upgraded on Dec 8th. Can’t beat Republic pricing and the network meets my light needs but it may well be that the whole experience could be a lot better with the right phone, and perhaps more emphasis on call quality.

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.My newer RW G3 has better cell/WiFi reception than my X1 ever had. I would say that devices vary by mfgs and models.

After my experience with the Moto Defy, I came to the conclusion that not all phones are created equal. I believe some Defy phones where worst then other Defy phones, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see the same thing with other phones.

I would however, go through the set up information for your router and make sure it lines up with the recommended checklist instructions to see if you can a better experience with your WiFi calling. Making sure you are using a clear WiFi channel, turn SIP ALG off, and making sure your ping time is under 150 milliseconds should help your WiFi calling unless the router needs replacing.

Checklist - Phone Info - Android Apps on Google Play

Thank you for your feedback, Marshallh. I checked my router settings as suggested and disabled SIP ALG which had been enabled. WMM was enabled and I didn’t do anything with QoS. I have Xfinity’s 20Mbps upload and 130Mbps download with light traffic so I’m not sure I need QoS adjustments anyway. I repeat, however, that my daughter’s iphone was using Sprint’s cellular network all the time in my house, not WiFi, and that my Moto X1 showed only the faintest glow of 1 bar available for Sprint cell strength so my issue regarding Motorola’s vaunted antennas remains. I will try WiFi calling with my new SIP ALG disabled setting.

In a practical since, however, the Moto X1’s antennas become a moot point for me since I jumped on the Moto Z Play deal today. Republic made it very easy and attractive to commit to a trial. The larger question I posed with regard to objective Call Quality metrics remains, however. Shouldn’t there be some quantitative metrics about antenna and radio capabilities along with camera, speaker, and display capabilities?

I will happily provide feedback on both my cellular T-mobile and WiFi home experience in a week or so.

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