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I need to install a call recording app on my phone. Does anyone have a recommendation for a call recording app that works with RW service? I want to record my grandmother’s stories while she’s still alive and she lives in a different state.

At this time I am not aware of any call recording app that works consistently with republic’s hybrid calling. I’ve been using one called cube ACR that has been moderately successful recording calls.

I don’t think there are any recording apps that work with Android 10 and up. Of course, you could always try recording the analog signal through the headset jack.

This isn’t true. On my non-Republic phones Cube ACR is nearly flawless. It records calls on both my AT&T and T-Mobile activated phones, both on wifi and cellular, with no issue at all.

My phone is Android 7

Interesting coincidence. I too wanted to record my Mom’s recollections before it’s too late. I installed Call Recorder - Cube ACR. It’s free. It worked reasonably well but I didn’t allow all the permissions it wanted and it would cut out without warning. But what it did record was very clear. The developers (Cube Apps IO) believe the fault was with my installation. Samsung S9 with Android 10.

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