Call routing issue still unresolved

Been a few weeks, still waiting for resolution to my routing issue (not 540 area code). No trouble making calls, but receiving calls screwy when connected to cellular. After a couple weeks there was significant improvement, but still not routed properly.

If your issue only happens while on cell, it would like not be related to a phone number routing issue. Can you tell us what phone you have? Can you confirm that it is acting OK on WiFI? Any further details of your issue could be helpful.

Well a routing issue is what RW tech support told me.

Moto G4 Play. Works great on wifi. I guess tech support is working on it, but I just wanted to post to let that other user know his/her issue might not be an isolated problem. Regarding my issue, a long delay when people try to call me between placing call and the beginning of ringing. Usually this is 6-8 seconds. Sometimes it is 25 or more which ends up sending calls straight to voicemail. My phone shows full LTE signal strength at these times.

This is an improvement from where we started with this phone with people trying to call me who got endless ringing or “all circuits busy message”, but not really a fully functioning phone. I want to be available for people to reach me by phone without weird delays.

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