Call terminates when other party answers


When making a call with Galaxy s7 on cell, the call terminates when the person I am calling answers. This does not happen on WIFI

Is this a settings issue?


This certainly doesn’t happen on my S7. Is there anything else in the picture like a Bluetooth connection?


It does this with the Bluetooth setting on or off.


The only other thing I can think of is the call being placed on a marginal cell signal (0 - 1) bars with the signal fading in and out.


Is there a settings check list for the Galaxy S 7 on the website? I tried to search for one but couldn’t find it. I wonder if one of my suggested phone settings is off.


These are the applicable settings on my S7:

You might try uninstalling and reinstalling the Republic app.


I might suggest installing Network Cell Info Lite - Android Apps on Google Play and looking at either the Gauge or Raw views to see what the phone is connected to/seeing for cell connection … post back the screenshot if you want help in understanding it



It does this with low and strong cell service. I have re installed the Republic App. The calls are still terminated when calling on Cell when the person answers. I might mention that my wife has a MOTO X Pure, and does not have this problem when calling from the same areas. ???


I would suggest a Ticket with Republic Help and be sure to include the graphic showing the cell connection and the fact that you have uninstalled/reinstalled the RW App

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