Call to my parents' landline goes to someone else entirely?

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Issue Description

The past two times I have tried to call my parents’ landline, it seems like it has gone to someone else’s number. Both times were using the saved contact I have for them.

The first time it happened (yesterday) the person said “hello?” and I was confused since it didn’t sound like either of my parents, didn’t say anything, they handed off the phone to someone else who’s voice I didn’t recognize, and I was so confused I just hung up. I re-dialed (using the saved contact) and it went through just fine that time.

Second time was today–I think (but am not sure) that it went to the same person as before, and it seemed like although I could hear them, they couldn’t hear me. I didn’t want to deal with the problem anymore so I just ended up calling my parents’ cell instead. Just now I tried calling the landline using the dialer instead of the saved contact and it went through just fine. (I don’t know that that means the dialer method doesn’t have this problem occasionally too–I just haven’t used it enough to find out.)

My parents live in a rural area and I’ve had problems with calling their landline sporadically through the entire time I’ve been with RW (about 6 years now). But it’s always just been that the call wouldn’t go through/would ring without connecting/etc which, although it is obnoxious, is somewhat normal, while this new problem is bordering on spooky. Has anyone else encountered this? What’s causing it?

Edit to add: I’ve just remembered something like this did happen once before a couple of years ago–trying to call their number, when it was picked up I heard people talking and it almost seemed like I was listening in on a conversation. Couldn’t understand them and again, was so confused I just hung up and re-called my parents’ number, which worked like it should that time.

Edit edit: I should mention that I’ve never had problems calling cell numbers.

Hi @kassias,

Please refresh the Republic Activation.

If the issue persists after that, please open a help ticket very soon after such an experience, giving the date and time you tried to call your parents, and the number you were dialing.

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