Call voice volume lower on wifi than cell

I have noticed that when i am on a call, my outgoing voice is noticeably lower volume for the other person, than it is when on Cell network.

When i manually handover wifi call to cell, u can hear a good ~40% volume boost in my voice. And u hear the drop in volume when u handover cell to wifi.

I tested this by calling my home landline cordless phone and talking to myself. Also, left myself a voicemail where i switch modes. ( can not post a .mp3 file here)

Wifi cal is supposed to be better quality from what i understand on how R.W’s tech works, but honestly, cell call sounds better to me, while on the phone itself anyway. When u listen to the voicemail, u can hear much more of the audio compression artifacts. But it still is indeed louder on cell.
Listen here:!AiRdGy_p9aD4umfly8tGr51ARxdK

This is with a Nexus 5X on Android 8.1. (Same on a Pixel XL)

{I also had this issue a couple years ago when i had a Moto X Pure and first tried R.W. But in that case, the issue was much more extreme. SO much so that no one could hear me unless i manually changed it over to cell network. I did make a thread for it here…but that is long closed.}

I did find a similar thread of a user saying that his local call volume is lower on wifi than cell. But he is referring to incoming voice on his phone, not his outgoing voice to the other person.

Edit: The difference in volume effect is extremely noticeable when use a headset or ear buds such as bluetooth headphones.

Also, this change in volume is noticed when I talk to someone else with a 3.0 compatible phone on R.W. Their incoming voice volume will change as they change from wifi to cell.

I’m sure your observation is correct, and the volume difference probably varies dependent on phone model. In the early days of Republic Wireless some corrections were made to try to equalize volume between cell and Wi-Fi. If I recall correctly, they had only one available phone at the time.

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I am noticing this much more now that my mother has a Moto E4 when she talks to me. (her G1 did not do this)
When her phone switches from wifi to cell for her call to me while at her parents place, the volume is 2x as loud on cell and clips alot. After a minute or 2, it will go back to wifi and is half volume.

Wifi has much better sound quality, but I have to turn my phones volume all the way up to hear her. Then my ear gets blasted when her phone goes to cell network, then have to turn volume down to 50%. At least there is a 1-2 sec stop in the call audio as it hands over, so I know its coming.

Others I talk to when my phone will handover from wifi to cell also have told me my voice does the same thing to them, its quite, then suddenly very loud, then quite again.

I would surmise that this effect varies a bit per phone model, but I would say that R.W could use a boost in volume on their wifi calling side of things. Or turn down the audio gain on the cell side, if even possible.

This is an observation that has been made by others in the past (as you noted, and from my own observations). I would suggest that you provide the details as you have in a new Ticket to bring it Republics attention and perhaps they can revisit the problem

I have submitted ticket in the past on this observation. I just got the standard troubleshooting steps, which are not really relevant as it an “issue” across many devices, not exclusive to me or just one phone. I already provided a VM sample, although the effect on that is no where near as noticeable than when on a live phone call using the phones built in earpiece. I was pretty much told its normal. They have far more pressing tickets and issues to attend to over this minor thing.

This sudden change in volume is starting to get annoying when I have my bluetooth earbud headset in.

When my mothers E4 switches from wifi to Cell, it blasts my ears out. Then after a couple min, it goes back to wifi and is hard to hear. She also tells me that the others she talks to complain about this as well. Her father is hard of hearing and can not even hear her voice when on wifi, despite his phone on max volume, but when on cell, the volume is much higher and he can hear her.

To show a visible example of this…Here is the same call audio first on wifi then cell.
The cell audio clips alot and is much louder.
The wifi audio, while has more clarity, is often to low in volume most of the time.
These were recorded with my phone on max headphone out volume and my computer at max input level.



Edit: Cropped images to just show one audio track channel.

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I notice it when calling in for VMs over WiFi. I opened a ticket 2 years ago as others suggested. The issue still persists


I don’t get any complaints about my voice level when I make calls on WiFi. But I can barely hear a friend who’s also a RW user when he’s on WiFi. I have to turn my phone volume all the way up. Then his voice nearly blasts my eardrum out if he switches to cell.


@larc919 & @PlaneTherapist
Have either of you done as suggested above? My Comment

VMs indeed. When my mother leaves me a VM, she has a Mot E4 R.W. when she is on wifi, the volume of the message is very very low, even on speaker phone maxed out with the phone speaker to my ear I can just barley make out her voice.
So I resort to having to plug in headphones or a amplified speaker inorder to hear the message. Others, who are not on R.W the VM message is quite loud. At least 3x times the volume.

I certainly have the same experience with my Pixel 2

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This is a known problem and republic wireless has not done anything about it. This happens everytime I’m on a call!! It seems you are forced to make a call or receive a call over wifi and forced to manually switchover to cell in order for your voice to be heard by the other party. The only other way is to turn wifi off completely! Why is cell louder and more intelligible??? Why is republic not making a volume control for wifi calling!? Gain?? This feature had been available in pc gaming feom the beginning in order to allow other people to be able to hear you. The OP went through the trouble to record calls and show the output in wave form!! Think this isn’t a problem??? Wow…

I would be nice if RW added a “advanced” feature/setting in their app where you could toggle or override the auto handover. To allow full control so that i could set use Wifi (Republic) network only, or, use Cellular Only. Or at the least a setting, lower the sensitivity of the handover detect, so that it will prefer the selected preference more.

Unchecking the “handover to Wi-Fi when appropriate” box will keep cellular calls on cell.

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O. Thanks @Southpaw. so that is what those settings do.
Last I had messed with them, they did not appear to do anything. Ill have to test again.

I guess I was looking for something more simplified and obvious, like perhaps:

Calling settings:
Wifi only
Cell only
Prefer wifi
Prefer cell

Handover Sensitivity:

Those would be global settings. Vs the ones there that are a per wifi network control base. But this may infact work for me. Next time I can get my hand on my mother phone, I will set it to not do handover to cell while on their wifi.

Edit: Question @southpaw If i set to not handover from wifi to cell on my home network, and I then walk out of range of my wifi, will it then just disconnect the call?

Yes. You’re telling it not to hand over, no matter how bad the Wi-Fi connection gets.

I just tested this…buy making a call, then walking away from my wifi, and it did handover to Cell. I confirmed that my home WiFi network is Unchecked in those settings. So, I am not sure that setting is working as intended in that respect. I will have to see next time I am on a long call in home to see if it stays on wifi call the whole time though. (it has only been switching about 2, maybe 3 times while on a 1.5 hr call or so. and phone is not moving around at all.)

I still would like to see the ability to control the sensitivity of the auto handover. It seems to be over sensitive as it is.

Ok. I’ll try to test when I have a chance. I don’t have cell service where I live, so there’s no way for mine to handover.

The reason we control this is that you’re only hearing the inbound audio. For most ISPs, download performance is always better than upload performance. The degradation checks being automatically performed monitor performance both ways. You might hear a perfectly good call, but your caller may not be having the same experience.

My Fiber ISP is same download and upload speeds.
However, my folks Comcast service, is not. ( I do have their Routers QOS set for VOIP to highest priority)
But good point none the less.
So are these degradation checks being done on the phone side, or RW server side then?

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