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What are the instructions to accessing call waiting on a Moto e4 plus?

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For call waiting, there’s nothing to access. You’d see an incoming call during your existing call and answering it would place the original call on hold.

Are you have a specific issue with call waiting?

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Hi @bartb.ydqzm9

Please verify the following in the Telephone app (dialer): Three dots on the upper right corner> Settings> Calls> Additional Settings> Call waiting> activate it if it is off.

These are instructions I have found online for using call waiting on your model of phone
Calling - Moto E (4th Gen Plus)

With call waiting on, touch Imageand drag to Imageto answer the new call, then tap Hold current call + Answer or End current call + Answer.

For all the Moto phones I have had over the years, the answer to this and many of the questions you may have can usually be found in the :motohelp: Moto Help screen … it can be found in the :appsicon: App Drawer

  • The Learn Tab provides a search bar
  • The Fix Tab provides many function test

When I go into additional settings, the two options of caller ID and Call Waiting are greyed out and later it comes up with an error message saying “Call Settings Error: Network or SIM card error”

I did try restarting the phone and still got the same error.

Then Republic Wireless is handling it. Which is what @southpaw was saying.
Going back to her post:

What do you see when two calls are coming in? What happens when you try:

I’m not given any options to answer the incoming call without disconnecting the existing call. When I answer the incoming call, the call I was on is disconnected. I assumed I needed to turn something on or enable some switch. Does it make a difference if it is a wi-fi call vs. a cell call? I use almost exclusively wi-fi calling.

Hi @bartb.ydqzm9,

I swiped a Moto E4 Plus from our office lab today and tested. As you’ve described, the call settings for call waiting are grayed out, there is nothing for you to set.

On Wi-Fi and on cell the experience is the same. When the second call comes in, I’m offered the option to answer the second call and either hold or end the current call.

Once I’ve tapped “Hold current call”, the first call is indicated as on hold at the bottom of the screen.

If I tap that number at the bottom of the screen, I’m returned to that call and the second caller goes on hold.

And if I want to merge the calls into a single conference call, I would tap the merge icon image just below the call timer.

Could you check to be sure your Republic app and Android build are up to date? If they are up to date, we would need to explore the possibility that another app on your phone is causing a conflict.


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