Caller can't hear me when on WiFi with Moto G5+

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Mot0 G5+
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Mine is a unique problem in that when I use my Moto G5+ to talk to my daughter (on Verizon) while I’m on WiFi, after a few minutes I can hear her but she can’t hear me. In addition, the phone goes to the Republic App and it also reverts to the opening screen and wants me to enter the security code as if I need to begin using my phone all over. So then I cut off the WiFi connection on my phone and call her, then the call is normal. But the reversion to the opening screen still exists.
In addition, the phone often will go to the opening screen and wants the security code when I’m talking to someone else, even when I’m connected to cellular service only. It’s frustrating and this has only happened with this phone. Never with the Moto G4 that I had.

Issue Description

  • I would suggest the following actions
  1. How To Run a Diagnostic Test in the Republic Wireless App – Republic Help

    • Run these diags and if you get a summary screen of warnings and/or failures take a screenshot and put it in your next response
    • Save the Diagnostic Results, don’t paste them into this discussion as they contain your personal identification
  2. How to Refresh the Republic Wireless Activation – Republic Help

    • Take the action outlined in this Help Article


Here are the results of the diagnostic test:

Manufacturer: INFO: motorola

Model: INFO: Moto G (5) Plus

ROM Version: INFO: motorola/potter/potter:8.1.0/OPSS28.85-17-6/21457:user/release-keys

Device ID: INFO: ending in 046

IMEI: INFO: ending in 046

MEID: INFO: ending in 204

Process Information: INFO: Pid: 10982 Uid: 10007 Timezone: Central Standard Time

Free RAM: PASS: 477908 / 3706028

Free Storage: PASS: 46.68 GB Available / 57.67 GB Total

SD Card Used: INFO: emulated / no SD card found

Battery: INFO: status=invalid capacity=73% remainingEnergy=-9223372036854775808nanowatt-hours averageCurrent=0microamperes instantaneousCurrent=485531microamperes chargeCounter=2383071microampere-hours

Not Doze Mode: PASS: doze_mode=false light_doze=false

System Time: INFO: uptime=1 days 15 hours 42 minutes, now=Sat Apr 04 13:43:23 CDT 2020

SIM Slot Count: PASS: 1

Has SIM Card: PASS: 1

SIM ICCID: INFO: ending in 130 in SIM slot 0

Has Republic SIM Card: PASS: true

Republic SIM Slot Position: PASS: 0

Republic SIM State: PASS: Ready

Republic SIM Card Type: INFO: CDMA (CSIM)

Republic SIM Operator: PASS: 310000

Republic SIM Operator Name: INFO: Republic

Phone Type: PASS: CDMA

Has Carrier Privileges: PASS: true

Number of Installed Applications: INFO: 232

Airplane Mode: PASS: 0

WiFi enabled: PASS: true

WiFi Associated: PASS: true

WiFi Co-Channel: PASS: 2432 MHz @ -54 dBm: 0 interfering and 0 non-interfering on the same frequency

WiFi Cross-Channel: WARN: 2432 MHz @ -54 dBm: 2 overlapping and 0 non-overlapping

WiFi RSSI: PASS: -54 dBm

WiFi Is 5GHz Capable: INFO: true

WiFi Frequency / Channel: INFO: 2442 MHz (Channel 7)

WiFi Link Speed: INFO: 72 Mbps

Assigned IP Address(es): PASS: ending in 142

Captive Portal: PASS: false

WiFi Connected: PASS: true

Cell Service State: PASS: In Service, Home, Network=310120/Republic/Republic

Cell Network Operator: PASS: 310120

Cell Network Operator Name: INFO: Republic

Cell Signal Strength: INFO: 2

Is on Cell Roaming Network: INFO: false

All Cell Station Info: INFO: CDMA cell: is registered=true, signal strength=CellSignalStrengthCdma: cdmaDbm=-89 cdmaEcio=-70 evdoDbm=-1 evdoEcio=-1 evdoSnr=-1. LTE cell: is registered=true, signal strength=CellSignalStrengthLte: ss=12 rsrp=-113 rsrq=-8 rssnr=-1 cqi=-1 ta=-1. LTE cell: is registered=false, signal strength=CellSignalStrengthLte: ss=6 rsrp=-126 rsrq=-15 rssnr=-1 cqi=-1 ta=-1. LTE cell: is registered=false, signal strength=CellSignalStrengthLte: ss=6 rsrp=-129 rsrq=-17 rssnr=-1 cqi=-1 ta=-1. LTE cell: is registered=false, signal strength=CellSignalStrengthLte: ss=5 rsrp=-130 rsrq=-16 rssnr=-1 cqi=-1 ta=-1.

Is Voice Capable: PASS: true

Call State: PASS: Idle

Cell Voice Network Type: INFO: 1xRTT

Cell Network Data Type: INFO: LTE

Is Cell Data Enabled: PASS: true

Is Cell Data Roaming Enabled: PASS: true

Cell Data State: INFO: Disconnected

Is Active Data Network Cell: INFO: false

Is Metered Network: INFO: false

Data Saver: PASS: 1: disabled

Concurrent Voice and Data: INFO: false

Ping Gateway: PASS: 10 transmitted 10 received unreachable=false summary: rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 1.350/4.044/12.059/3.760 ms

Ping ISP: PASS: 10 transmitted 10 received unreachable=false summary: rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 2.511/4.909/18.435/4.574 ms

Ping Offsite: PASS: 10 transmitted 10 received unreachable=false summary: rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 25.486/40.942/145.860/35.030 ms

DNS resolution: PASS: true

HTTP Connect for 204: PASS: 204

HTTP Connect for 204 using https: PASS: 204

OS Network Connectivity: PASS: CONNECTED

Is Provisioned: PASS: true

SIP Connected: PASS: isVoipConnected=true isWifiConnected=true

MQTT Connected: PASS: true

VoIP Network Jitter (from echo server) with ‘possible’ threshold: PASS: 7.34

VoIP Network Latency (from echo server) with ‘possible’ threshold: PASS: 59.00

VoIP Network Packet Loss (from echo server) with ‘possible’ threshold: PASS: 0.00

VoIP Network Jitter (from echo server) with ‘good’ threshold: PASS: 7.34

VoIP Network Latency (from echo server) with ‘good’ threshold: PASS: 59.00

VoIP Network Packet Loss (from echo server) with ‘good’ threshold: PASS: 0.00

SDK Permissions: PASS: android.permission.ACCOUNT_MANAGER=no android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS=no android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS=no android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION=yes android.permission.CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE=yes android.permission.READ_CONTACTS=no

Line 1 Number: INFO: ending in 1865

Telecom Permissions: PASS: android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS=yes android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED=yes android.permission.BLUETOOTH=yes android.permission.INTERNET=yes android.permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS=no android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE=yes android.permission.SEND_SMS=yes android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE=yes android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE=yes android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE=yes android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE=yes android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO=yes android.permission.WAKE_LOCK=yes

APK Version: PASS:

APK First Install Date: INFO: Fri Apr 03 12:36:32 CDT 2020

Is Rooted: PASS: false

Carrier Configuration: PASS:

APN Configuration: PASS: Missing APNs: None

Default Messaging App: PASS: Anywhere (com.republicwireless.messaging)

Device Compatible: PASS: 2

Republic Services Status: PASS: Activations | Provisioning: operational, Calling: operational, Texting: operational, MMS Messages: operational, My Account Portal: operational, Support | Help Center: operational, Voicemail: operational, Republic Anywhere: operational

MMS Upload: PASS: true

Cell Data Remaining: PASS: 1002MB remaining■■■■■■■■■■■■■bytes), 21MB used (22306105 bytes)

ROM Version with SIM Issue: INFO: This device is not an affected model

Data Freeze is Enabled: PASS: false

Voicemail Count: WARN: 470

Voicemail Forwarding: PASS: unset

Voicemail Greeting: PASS: system

A couple of questions for you

  1. Did you not get a Warning … something like this as it appears that you have a couple of of neighbors that are overlapping your routers Channel and causing cross channel interference
  2. Did the Refresh Activation (#2 above) make any difference?

If you would look at WiFi Help - Internet connectivity - COVID-19 and the current times and consider the actions recommended, as it looks like your WiFi is being interfered with, and you are currently on 2.4 GHz on Channel 7 (only 1/6/11 provides channels that don’t overlap)

Also what Router are you using?

HI, and thanks for your help,
I did get that warning and went into my Tenda Router settings and changed the channel to Auto. I had put it on channel 7 manually since at that time it seemed to be the most open.

I’ll see if that helps. My issue is that this only happens when I am talking to my daughter. Absolutely! With no other caller. So I can’t understand this being an issue.

I did a reset of the phone and will see if that eliminates the problem. Maybe I should do that more often. I usually don’t shut the phone off at night, only every 4-5 days. Maybe I should shut it off every night and restart in the morning?

AFIK the Auto function on the majority of routers only check at power up of the router. The only thing that I put much trust in is to look at an analyzer and pick the best 1/6/11 channel where anyone else is at least 20 dBm below my signal … then recheck after a few days and if necessary collaborate with the nearby neighbors to build a suitable channel plan.

  • I only see 4 Tenda’s that are not dual band, is there a reason your not using the 5 Ghz band?
    • Which Tenda model are you using? So I can check their specs and config and see if there is anything there that could be checked/ changed

OK, and thanks again.

I changed to an open channel and will monitor the channels with a wifi monitor. I’m using ch . 8 now.
To this point I have not used 5G because the strength of the signal wasn’t as great as 3G. I am now changed and will try the 5G band.
Thanks again, Joel

The advantage of the 5 Ghz band is there are 23 non overlapping channels (some have some restrictions depending on the routers ability) (Details)
Of course the dis-advantage is that with the higher frequency, the distance/penetration is much less

Thanks for that explanation. I’m going to try it.

  • Which model of the Tenda router are you using?

AC1200 Smart Dual-Band
Model AC6

Thanks for the update, the online user guide I was able to find was a bit difficult to navigate.
If you could go into the router and check to ensure that SIP ALG is not enabled, it would rule out that as a cause. Normally this is found in the Advanced configs, under NAT.


Thanks. I have looked for those settings before and don’t find them in the setup neither this time.
I did boost beam power on both 3G and 5G since both were set on low. Maybe that will help also. I have noticed an improvement in speeds on 5G so will continue to use it. I don’t know if it will solve my problem, but I hope so and will be alert for any problems in the future.

I do appreciate your help and have always felt that Republic gives better help to solve problems than other systems that I have been on in the past. Another good reason to stay with it.


Hi @joelp.2cb6xy
I have sent an inquiry about the problem you are encountering off to Tenda Support. Hopefully they will be as responsive as I have always found the Team at Republic Wireless to be… which is one of the reasons I continue to try to help fellow members as a volunteer
Besides they are a really nice bunch of folks, and I still find this to be fun

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Thank you very much for your excellent help.

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Sorry, but still no response for the Tenda folks. A few routers have added the option back in when they update the code, so you may want to check if there is an update avail for your device

Thanks for your help. I can’t say if the problem has been resolved but I will say that switching to 5G seems to be a benefit and I don’t notice it as much. I checked on the router when I was connected to its settings last time and it indicated that the latest version was installed, but I’ll check again soon.
If possible, let’s keep this ticket open a little while longer while I try to verify the solution.

Thanks for the feedback, however please be aware this is not a ticket it is a Problem Solving Thread in the Community Forum. The underlying software will bump a series of reminders after a period of dormancy, then it it will eventually auto-close 30 days after the last update.
Good luck, and if you find a different ‘fix’ you can always start a new thread, as user feedback and knowledge is what many of use to stay somewhat current and able to help our fellow users.

Hi, Tenda reports to me that their Tenda 1200 does not support SIP ALG.
Since changing to 5G I seem to be doing OK with the phone problem.

Thanks for the feedback, this once again proves that troubleshooting can be effective by learning what things don’t fix the problem … so there is now one more thing we know didn’t fix your problem, however I am struggling to see how going to 5G should have changed things. But if it’s not broke don’t fix it now rules.
Thanks again … be Safe

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