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My caller ID is being displayed incorrectly when I call my nephew. It just started happening in the last month. It is showing a 312 area code with no name. I have a 541 area code. The call is going to a T-Mobile account in California. My phone is a Pixel 3a XL, data and text, which I have had since last year. I called my wife’s phone and it shows correctly, but since we are on the same service, I’m not certain that it points to the T-Mobile account as having the issue. Called 2 different T-Mobile phones with the same result.

Hi @carlottaw.emea4t and welcome to the Member Community. Suggest you start by refreshing the Republic Wireless Activation.

Refreshed activation - no change

Hi @carlottaw.emea4t – sorry that refreshing the Republic Wireless Activation didn’t correct the issue. Just to make sure, have you rebooted the phone since doing the refresh?

Here’s another article that might help.

Hopefully others will join in with solutions if the second help article doesn’t correct the issue.

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Hi @carlottaw.emea4t,

I looked through our Help Center for questions similar to your that have come to our Help Team, and I found our agents are providing the same answers that @freddyp shared with you here. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a single recent example where the member replied to the Help Team with any confirmation, either to say, “No, that didn’t help” or “Thanks, that helped.”

Is your nephew still seeing the wrong number when you call?

Yes. Tried everything suggested with negative results. I have messaged others that see my number correctly. I called another person who is on T-Mobile and they see my correct info. That kind of narrows it down to the nephew and their service, as far as I can see. The number he is seeing is not recognized, nor someone who he/they have received calls from previously. Very odd.

I am having the same issue. I also refreshed my RW activation. No help.

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