Caller id of the person I dialed says someone else


I know that I really have a Sprint phone number that is somehow tied to my republic number.

When I call people, their caller ID shows someone else and I assume that is an old user of the Sprint number that I cannot see.

Is there any way to correct this issue?

Hi @alk.p6cabs,

Are they seeing a name other than yours, or a number other than yours?

It is certainly the name. I think it is also the number.


Hi @alk.p6cabs,

If they see a name, please see here: How to Fix Displayed Caller ID – Republic Help.

If it’s a different number than yours, please take these steps:

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Apparently it was just the name. I followed the steps from yesterday and checked by calling the same person that noticed it. He said that name and number were now correct.




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